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Choosing the right color scheme for a wedding can be a daunting task. This article describes some of the most suitable color themes for weddings.
This article is about making plans for our happy married life and find our soul mate
This article is about tips and ideas of Winterize your wedding venue
"I Do" simply expresses marriage but the event itself is very stressful. Here’s how to organize a successful wedding.
How to have the wedding day of your dreams without spending a fortune!
Here's how to create a floral swag after the wedding from the flowers in the bridal bouquet.
Weddings can be very costly and conventional. Here are a few suggestions in order to save money and make it a night that stands out from the rest.
Wedding is a very special occasion of the life time of a couple. Times might transform situation but the attribute of celebration would never go away from human race. Hence, by hiring a professional wedding planner, you can get rid of all kinds of arrangement hassles.
Indonesian weddings are very special. Read this article about what to do and what not to.
While numerous variations of the Handfasting ceremony have been created through the centuries, the essential elements of this Pagan ritual have always been centered on the affirmation of the bride and groom’s spiritual commitment to one another, and their eternal commune with the ea...
With a booming wedding industry starting to be refered to as wedding porn, more and more people are returning to simple, more unique, weddings without the price tags and hype that the industry is trying to sell.
This article explores how you can cut costs for your wedding.
This article shows you how to plan a wedding on short notice
This article gives a guide to Chinese traditional wedding traditions.
This article gives a guide to Japanese wedding ceremonies.
This article gives a summary of Roman Catholic wedding traditions.
Your wedding, the most exciting day of your life, but where do you begin when planning the perfect day...
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