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To get things we have to evaluate our beliefs about certain things
A man calls to his wife and says : - Darling, my boss invited me and some of his friends to go fishing in a distant lake. We will be out one week.
It is common knowledge that a healthy diet combined with exercise are important for a better quality of life attitudes. Besides these, research indicates that you can adopt other simpler ways to further promote your health
Short giggle-worthy poem about the strains of a normal work week. Published in "Love, Life and Evisceration" by Porle Joen available through Amazon.
After spending a week in London with an American family and seeing so much of my own capital that I hadn't seen myself I thought I would share some ideas with anyone else planning to travel to London with or without children.
Colin is a young boy who is.. read this review to find out what happens :O
This is about seven days of a week All days have some particular rapport with and for some. Here's my version
Day 13 out of 30 in poetry form. About this week.
For some considerable time, sun dials are not used anymore to indicate the time of the day, but have become a very decorative and often expensive element to beautify a more or less south facing wall of a house. A thin metal bar fixed to the wall throws a shadow on predetermined, i.e. ...
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