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as i work as a caretaker thought i would share this with others
This is the first of a two part story about Benny's weekend.
Before you start to plan your amazing weekend, consider what is romantic for you and your special someone.
Today is turning out to be one of those off and odd days for me, i have them once in a while and they never fail to get my family asking me "what was wrong with me?". They are so used to seeing me in full wifey/mum/carer mode especially on the weekends, the few times, i just do nothin...
Every Friday evening is anxiously awaited by all. It starts the weekend mood. Minds begin to hover in advance with pleasant memories. Saturday always comes with cool memories of relaxed life. Here is an incident that would bring smile on your face.
How to enjoy every moment of your week end...!!! Here I have wrote 5 activities which are important to do on week end...!!!
This is the second part of my story about Benny's day off from school.
It's our first Retro Weekend though this review only takes us back to 2013... reviews of the Twilight Sparkle Micro incoming!
A day out with friends exploring the unexplored after a long stressed office days
These are days that I wish never existed in the year although I used to love them before I had my child.
This is a typical sunny South African Sunday for my family.
Sometimes sleeping the day away is what you have to do in order to revitalize for the week ahead. The problem comes in when you wake up and realize just how big of a mess you have to clean up.
Throughout the day, sometimes we forget just how much time we have to enjoy everything and everybody, every moment, and every lesson.
Going to a music festival? You might want to take a look at this...
She was cute. Her face was chubby and mucus was dripping down her nose in a gross yet endearing way.
Realizing your weekend has come and gone without doing all the things you planned with each other. . .bummer!
There are times for some, believe it or not when you'd rather go on vacation in the winter rather than the summer months. During those times, because you aren't looking to just sit in the sun, you'll likely want to find many things to do. This is especially true during a weekend break...
Colin is a young boy who is.. read this review to find out what happens :O
This week I'm predicting three home wins for teams who started the season slowly but are now finding their stride and climbing up their leagues.
A weekend of Sacred Forests and ancient shrines in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Where there is a hidden corner of Italy to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback, in the season in which he gives his best: the autumn. Among new wines, chestnuts and stories around the ca...
A selection of football tips from the weekend fixtures.
Last week was somewhat disappointing, QPR drawing at home was the only selection to fail. Hopefully my selections will get the job done this week. I also have a challenger this weekend, Josh Hardy thinks he can pick out a winning bet, so I've given him an opportunity to prove me wrong...
Last week's predictions saw one win and two draws, so I'm hoping to bounce back this weekend.
Keith and I were looking forward to a nice weekend in Devon, and this is what happened.
This is about seven days of a week All days have some particular rapport with and for some. Here's my version
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