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I was born in England but I am of Caribbean decent. I love my holidays in the Caribbean but they tend to get spoilt by mosquitos. They love me. I hate them. In fact, they drive me to the point of paranoia.
Love is a contradiction. How soon we spoil anything wholesome.
Pets are family to their owners, and their tears are real and full of emotional attachment. Weeping is necessary to feel the bond between someone of the dearly departed.
it takes you under its wing you don’t care about anything you don’t answer your phone you just want to be alone
I abhor abortions, but what I found lately takes it one more sickening step towards hell! Why, in the name of God, have an abortion, much less have one where you decide to only kill one child but keep the other? Reasons given: finances, not enough devotion, wrong sex, education, caree...
It is a symbolic poem representing poor and poverty.
Its how you feel when you fall in love with a person who doesn't love you back.
~ I made the blue cars go away ~ Jim Morrison ~ if it was as lovely an oasis belly ~ Nietzsche ~ You eat meat and you kill things that are better than you are ~ Charles Manson ~ in veils & drowned in tears ~ Poe ~ what hunts you down ~ owns you ~ is where you are ~
A Page from my Old Diary written years ago... reading which you shall cry and weep.
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