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I think the benefit of a free gym membership would be more valuable than free healthcare but you need healthcare of course but prevention of illness is priceless. Don't you think? And giving them a free gym membership is cheap but could cut down cost by seventy percent.
Whether you are searching endlessly for information on social assistance programs, or are simply curious about such programs, sit back, relax and let me be your guide through the government labyrinth.
As wealth keeps moving upward from the poor to the rich, creating inequality not seen since the Gilded Age, more and more families with children are thrown into poverty.
An essay presenting the views on liberty and law held by Hayek (leading intellectual in 20th century libertarian thought) regarding socialism and the modern welfare state. A review of three chapters in F.A. Hayek's "The Constitution of Liberty" (Chapters 15-17) for one of my universit...
Been out looking for work but can't find a job? Well, it's all because you're lazy. Just ask a Republican.
An increasingly common observation regarding the folly of the Left vs. Right debate.
In todays world do we keep others initiating there everyday bad habits.or do we make mandatory intervention to teach also to break bad habits.teaching and learning there are healthier battles to substantiate. instead of bad habits of remaining behaviors reflecting not self worth.yet o...
Trying to share what I know on how to extend a small budget to the limit and still to have a good time.
Why look for work? Is it better to be unemployed. Why good transportation is essential for work
Our society needs lots of changes and here are some suggestions.
Will Pope Francis lead the Catholic Church in a full-fledged crusade against social poverty? What political ramifications would such a crusade have? This article discusses the issue.
School going kids in New Delhi started a kid’s bank, they have set up a model bank for saving their money. One of the kid became manager of the New Delhi bank and they are extended the bank several parts of South East Asia
Nadya Suleman is back on welfare after a stint in rehab.
I'm tired of right wing conservatives bashing poor people for being "lazy welfare queens," when corporations are the biggest welfare recipients by far.
This is an essay I wrote about the demand for livestock products and the factors which affect consumption.
Scenarios like this happen regularly as judges misspeak on the meaning of the Constitution.
Who are the public , and how do we know they will serve us honestly,and do what they are supposed to do. In some situations we find they are not up to standard.
Another common sense measure being challenged by Democrats.
We take a look at why, in this observer's opinion, Bill Clinton was as bad a president as George W. Bush, and perhaps even worse.
If you want to make a difference in the world you can get off your butt and get involved in helping those around you, you can buy fair trade products, or you can even sign, and spread, online petitions. Today I review a popular online petition site,
If you are so unfortunate as to be unemployed, the government will put you to work without pay.
The variety of substances injected or fed to greyhounds that can potentially affect the animal’s performance - improve or impair - is matched only by the variety of excuses when the trainers are caught. More recently two cases stand out not only because of the substances involve...
A new survey - the largest of its kind undertaken - offers a disturbing insight into the world of greyhound racing and the set task demanded of these athletes: the racing at speed on tight anti-clockwise tracks.
Don't be too choosy, don't follow social paradigm. Just create your own creativity. So you will find the way.
This is my first article on this website, and it has to do with the fact that Welfare in this country is out of control. While I am not the first person to write an article on this subject I am writing this with the hope that it will spur people into action. Use your vote. Things can ...
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