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Looking back over long periods of time it can be seen that each country in the world has tried to make theirs the ruling power...all have to come to a bitter end and many people who were there are back trying to do the same bloody things...enjoy
Take a fun journey in time and now through the Isles of much to see and do there...england, scotland, wales...grand places to visit and enjoy..
Details of how the Welsh dragon came about, who used it and related information connecting to the flag.
A recipe of a famous welsh bread which has come from my homeland and was baked my grandmother once a week.
For all that are Welsh, March the first is a special day in Wales known as St David's day (Dewi Sant). The emblems of Wales are the daffodil and the leek. Wales is known for its green grass, due to its plentiful rain! its welsh choirs, its valleys and the lyrical voice of the people ...
Sometimes we need to step outside our own comfort zone and explore a different place, or gain a different experience to our normal routine. This can be quite a daunting experience especially when we are taking our first steps towards our love for another...
A coconut dessert that forms itself into layers as if by magic. A culinary trick based on an old Welsh recipe.
From Bacchus to Berkshire The Art of English and Welsh Wines
Neglected by Hollywood, (and for the purists, probably just as well), Owain Glyn Dwr is hardly as famous as William Wallace. Yet for the Welsh, the tales about his rebellion hold the same patriotic magic as the sight of kilt-clad men in their final death charge. Or at least, they shou...
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