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There are a number of great soccer stadiums in Europe. Clubs such as Utd, Madrid and Barcelona have some of the finest stadiums. Here are a few of the great European soccer stadiums.
The old Wembley stadium had some great soccer matches. As a venue for the England national soccer team, a number of the best games played at the stadium were England games. Here are a few of England's finest games played at the stadium.
In 2000, the old Wembley stadium closed after over half-century as a venue for English football. In its place a new Wembley stadium has emerged in 2007, which is a good deal more modern then the former stadium. Now, since opening the stadium has had a few football games of note.
The old Wembley stadium has had some great games. As a soccer venue for FA Cup finals and England games, great teams and players have played at the stadium.
As some soccer stadiums become increasingly outdated, new ones are required. As such, there have been a few great stadiums in England that have now been demolished to make way for new grounds. Some of these were undoubtedly great soccer venues that hosted a number of games at both int...
The FA (Football Association) Cup has long been the most exciting domestic soccer cup in the game. As it brings together non-league teams alongside Premier League sides it is one of the few that combines lower league soccer with the pro game. FA Cup giants usually emerge victorious in...
Wembley was, and still is, a great English stadium. Of course, times have changed; and a new, modern stadium, that as of yet has little history, has replaced the old Wembley. So much of Wembley's history is with the former stadium, originally called the Empire stadium. It was there th...
A short account of the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final encounter between FC Barcelona and Manchester United FC.
The next three games for Arsenal will have a large impact on the course of their season. Will they finish May with silverware or with shattered dreams?
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