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Zoey has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. The first day she fell in a big puddle and ran home soaking wet. The second day she tried to spy but the house was closed up tight. Tonight she has enlisted the help of her best friend Duece to do an undercover operation.
~Jackie took stuff from people~Daddy accused him of being a born thief~I don’t believe any of us are a born anything~you get your ass kicked enough~go hungry suffer forget about hope~or never learn it in the first place~that’s what you are if you manage to stay alive~let somebody...
Just an idea about a werewolf finding his mate in school and then how his mates life had changed because of all of this
My first time at attempting a story so comment what needs improving please? aha
This Half-man half-wolf bloodthirsty monster seems to be afraid of nothing at all! Then why is it scared of silver?
Since we were small children, we have heard of werewolf folklore, how they transform into hungry beasts on a full moon night and kill people at will. We have often wondered how these stories have come along or what is the truth behind them. This article will help you know what these w...
They are following close by, will they catch her? can she make it???
A continuation of the story arc of Jason, a secret agent who has become infected with lycanthropy
This is a continuation of a story I began about a secret agent infected with lycanthropy and his continued adventures.
Jason a secret agent, is discovered and forced to fight for his life. For the power to do this, he must pay a price (a bit long - but worth it).
A simple evening walk in the nearby park, leading into an encounter with a lycanthrope,which turns into a fear of saving my life.
Be prepared for a werewolf attack by following these survival tips.
HBO fans are exciting about the new twist and turns of True Blood. The series deviates from the books and this makes reading the books even more tempting. You should definitely take a look at both.
First person narrative story about a young boy's first sighting of Snow White
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