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Pink colur lake in in western part of Austrialia, the lake is called as Hillier lake, which is pink in colour.
Black tea protects you from cardiovascular decease, this is latest research from scientists. So consume black for health.
The city of Perth, Western Australia, is widely known as a relaxed and enjoyable place to live. This reputation is certainly justified due to several elements. These include its pleasant climate and booming economy, among others.
Do You check inside your toaster before You turn it on? I do now...
I live on the driest inhabited continent on Earth, but many of my neighbours are in denial about this fact.
I sit on my front porch and watch a flock of swans slant across the sunset, and join them in my fantasy.
Swimming with stingrays need not always be fatal...
My home town has a population that is generally appreciative of the public transport system.
Do you know much about Australian Foods and Cuisines? Know how lavish an Australian Treat is? Here we go… you’ve got about it here.
One of the most stunningly elegant creatures of the deep, the amazing Leafy Sea Dragon is a marvel to behold, and a reminder of nature’s untold beauty.
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