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Leonardo is one of the greatest geniuses in history. He was also very much a product of the time, and that time is of the Italian Renaissance. Renaissance began in Italy almost six hundred years ago, in the early fourteen hundreds. Renaissance means "rebirth".
The renaissance age, that is reformation and enlightenment which are the three of important elements in providing the early growth characteristics of modern western world. Renaissance era is a period of transition the late Middle Ages to the modern world (1350-1600).
Rebel with a Cause - a very week social drama due to disregard of psychological science. Logan Lerman plays a depressive adolescent growing up alienated from a sick society where gender issues, love, family matters and ethical justice are in question.
A look at how culture itself as changed and how youth's views on culture has changed. Some of this article deals with the modernisation and westernisation of the meaning of culture as well as the actions, behaviour, reactions, philosophies patterns of thinking of modern society on cu...
This article gives a short account of the life of Socrates.
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