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The renaissance age, that is reformation and enlightenment which are the three of important elements in providing the early growth characteristics of modern western world. Renaissance era is a period of transition the late Middle Ages to the modern world (1350-1600).
“He Rode In He Saw and He Conquered.” "I'm from Cactus Blossum, here to replace Sheriff Walter Oates, and Doc Robert James." He growled in the direction of where Bull McTavich, the hotel owner and bar tender was busy dusting off the mahogany bar-top.
A look at how culture itself as changed and how youth's views on culture has changed. Some of this article deals with the modernisation and westernisation of the meaning of culture as well as the actions, behaviour, reactions, philosophies patterns of thinking of modern society on cu...
Islam is seen differently from its reality in the West, where the meaning and philosophy are not taken as it means in deep philosophical aspects. Islam should not be seen as how Muslims are behaving, it is more than people, and culture.
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