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You make me wet! We all get wet in the rain some down lusty lanes which one is this... is to be found.. as remains
This is a poem about rain, the purpose of the rain, and encouraging everyone to appreciate the rain.
Parents can best respond to the first challenge of parenting if they understand why babies cry.
A poem about the time when I was suddenly caught in the rain
Just a quick ditty about a robin with an umbrella, sometimes I sit in my garden and just imagine things.
The weather is probably the most talked about subject in England ..most people will mention it in passing ...I wonder why ?....
A winter, walking in rain, spiritual poem. Will you C/C on it, if you may?
There are many different kinds of animals on earth. Many of these animals, live in a rainforest habitat. The rainforest is a beautiful kind of place. I will tell you about some of the animals that live there.
The life and times of the lobster fisherman back in the old days. It was a very hard and dangerous way to make a living.
A simple lunch date can turn complicated with a flick of the wrist but can be salvaged with a kind gesture.
Dropped your phone in water? Want to know how to recover it? Follow these simple steps to find out how.
You struggle through the long cold Winter, feel renewed with the coming of fresh life in Spring...and then comes Summer...and Summer in England, is like no other...usually very, very wet...A very British rant from yours truly...
Read On To Make Your 1st Sexual Encounter In A Pool Just Comfortable As Possible!
Do you want to send orgasmic jolts down her spine? Do you want to make her squeeze her eyes shut in pleasure and make her lips quiver? Read below to become the best shag-stud on your block!
He started 3rd on the grid, but a dramatic turn of events saw Alonso win the Korean Grand Prix.
this poem is about misconceptions, and how us being the paranoid freaks that we are, assume people are out to get us when really all they want is to get out of the rain.
These are haikus about rain or rainy season which explore its effect on the individual or society itself.
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