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When all is said and done, understanding is the ultimate home remedy. Without understanding, nothing can happen, especially healing. I do believe in healing of all sorts: Regular allopathic medicine or normal doctors, and homeopathic or home remedies. The thing is though, that, any wa...
This is an article about 3 cities in Croatia and how much of a fun you can have there.
I am a genuine die-hard optimist in so many ways, but, pessimism has its way of rearing its ugly self in my mind at key moments. I sort of use the weed killer of genuine perseverance in optimism even when things get rough. I even keep a poem called "Don't Quit" in my arsenal on back o...
Life gets better if we pull ourselves up instead of let it get us down. I know, we have all heard that before, but I will put a "new color spin" on this reality in this article.
What should you do if you find a cat that has been hit by a car? How to help an injured cat? What to do when you find a stray cat? Learn now in case one day you find an injured stray cat.
We all know that chewing gum was created to be chewed but not swallowed, it generally isn't harmful if swallowed. However, what if you accidentally swallowed the chewing gum? IS it dangerous to swallow chewing gum? Will you die because the gum gets stuck in your stomach or digestive...
This article helps and assists those who are lost, don't know what to do and are just trapped in a never ending cycle of boredom. It helps give a purpose to these people and help them to find something they are truly passionate about
Thomas Jefferson once essentially said that the harder and smarter he worked the luckier he was. I am not writing about gambling in an indiscriminate way, I am writing about genuinely investing according to productive persistence as well as by genuine intuition according to a return o...
Are you in the game TO WIN ~ or ~ are you just trying it out? What does winning look like to you?
There might be ample qualities that make men irresistible. But women being the fairer sex have created certain stereotypes in men that they would never want to be seen with.
Steveston is an area of Richmond, British Columbia, located south of Vancouver. It is a fishing community and tourist area. Learn more about what you can see and do on a trip to Steveston.
When you are being cheated on by your partner, what would you do?
People often worry about what they should say on a first date, but it is also important to know what they should not say. For those of you who are preparing for a first date here are some suggestions of what not to say and what not to talk about.
this is all about the realization of life ..why i am here,who am i, what to do
Have you been a victim of death threats on the Internet, should you take these threats seriously? What to do if you have death threats placed against you.
THERE'S NO SHORTAGE OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Beauty can, of course, be both internal (especially internal) and external.
This piece gives information about happenings in each sign what to look for, be aware of etc. etc. in fact all about and for you in the month of May 2012.
This is a challenge to all Wikinut writers to share information on the place you live or cool places you have visited. For readers, please click on the links as they were written by people who have really experienced the areas, and know them, not just folks who did research from "w...
Among the wellknown social networks and bookmarking sites I know like Facebook, Twitter, Google , StumbleUpon and Delicious, RedGage site now had become the most loved and best choice of bloggers and other writers. The reason is obvious - RedGage pays anyone who is using the site for ...
Yes folks, its true your dog can go through false pregnancy, wondering about it? or what to do? Read this article that has all the answers.
Here are a few tips to courting or just meeting new people. Read and take notes!
Do you have a passion for fashion? I do and I love keeping up with fashion, what to wear and what is all new in stores. So check it out.
You probably already know some of these games but check them out, you might not know them all.
Plagiarism on the Internet is all too common and is the easy road taken by people trying to earn fast money doing minimal work. It is also Illegal, but just what do you do when you see it?
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