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Dad's clue turned out to be a homeless guy down on his luck. After talking to the guy the team left for home. It was early in the morning and they all needed rest. Spending a night in the dark park was unnerving for Milly and she was going home to sleep. The team went their separa...
The round abacus is decorated with four dharma chakras or the wheels of law, alternating with an elephant, a bull, a horse and a lion, all carved with masterly skill.
Science has developed in the recent past and has brought a great change in our living.Like every area has got its pros and cons with it, the development in science has got both positive and negative impact on people.Such a technology in the present day development is the Escalator.
This is a poem about hamsters running in their wheels and what they like to do in their hamster wheels.
A wheel is the rudimentary for any invention since advancement of civilization. This post tells it.
Your car's wheels get dirt over time, which affect the look of your car. When it comes to alloy wheels, you can't just wash them with water. In this article, i give you some tips on how to clean those wheels properly.
This month of June many planets go retrograde giving us the opportunity to look at our lives and make changes. Letting go...letting God. Some will some will not..they will just keep on perpetuating the same old things..good luck....
Dogs behind the wheel! Animal experts in New Zealand are teaching dogs how to drive and it took the three canines just eight weeks to master the basics.
November PAD Challenge Day 19- Wheel poem. Write a poem about a wheel.
Wealth and power are the two wheels that facilitate the chariots of tyrants to ride on
This article gives you step by step instructions on how to thread a bobbin for a sewing machine.
The part which constitute the inner race was being fastened to the shaft to be supported. The part which constitute outer race is secured to the stationary parts of the machine.
When someone steals for profit and party or for the purpose of drug use, this is a problem that society has created for themselves.
This article is a list of ten of the greatest inventions of all time. It lists them and gives detail about each invention including the inventor.
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