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Shami Chakrabarti is holding a meeting to whine about gender injustice. Her audience will doubtless consist of many privileged women like herself.
Some people can just make a scene to get what they want. No, I'm not talking about just children. Adults do it too.
Parenting doesn't have to be complicated. You can have happy, well-mannered children if you follow these simple tips.
The thing that most parents find most annoying about their kids is when they whine. As annoying as it is when children do it, it is even more infuriating when adults do the same thing!
Packing lunch to the school going child is a global problem today. Most of the parents are shocked when they find their children have not eaten anything from their lunch box. Some kids would have just nibbled a little and brought back the rest. Some children would have thrown the cont...
One can live without food, water and fresh air for long. However, he cannot live without something to whine about.
Man Up (v); Be strong; Take control, take control of a (the) situation, rise to the moment ; To work through impediments and obstacles without whining. Derived from the phrase “cowboy up”, meaning “be tough, be strong, act like a real cowboy”, which was in use in rodeo circles...
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