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Who Am I This is my life's essence ....A challenge given to me by someone very dear .You can never imagine ever..Who Am I
This poem is a bit of a play on words. It tries to stop us from thinking, "we are who we are", so that we might then become who, "we currently am not", who just might be the real, "I who I really am". The poetry here takes some contemplating upon. You might find it a bit strangely ...
This article asks a lot of questions, and then it tries to provide a few of the possible answers to these questions. These are big questions like: Who is God? Who are we? Can these types of questions ever be answered? Read on at my attempt to do so.
This is a small collection of my haikus and other poetry.
There are many theories of personality. This series covered the most well known psychological theories. In the end do we really know who we are?
Theories of personality have been extensively studied in psychology. This series will deal with some of the most known theories.
If you have dreams this is for you if your living the dream this is for you if you forgot your dreams this is for you
this poem is about a girl who has a bad relationship and realizes that by staying with this person how it takes a toll in her life
Learn more about me and why I like to write. In this self-narrated autobiography I will detail my experience as well as my hobbies. Being an online writer has its challenges and I hope I can share some of those insights with those looking to start a writing career on the internet. Wri...
Happiness is the driving force of every human action – whether right or wrong. People work hard, pile up tons of stress, accumulate wealth and technological gadgets, abuse drugs, become suicide bombers, invade other countries, starve to get skinny, turn recluse to meditate, eat load...
Answers to Questions I still have not asked myself
Little is a silly play on words about the word ' Me ' ... Sometimes a friend calls , and she always says ' Hello , it's only me '
this is all about the realization of life ..why i am here,who am i, what to do
The story of life is when we have lived a full life, our total existence is shown in a "dash." The day of our birth is represented on the headstone, "the dash" and then our final day on earth. The Good News is, God loves us and we can have more from Him. "He will joy over us with s...
The question of why we exist has always plagued man's thinking. We ask the question, "who am I," and "why do I exist."
Do you feel hope or despair? Do you believe your life has value or do you believe it worthless? Why were you put on this earth? What happens after you die?
At the moment in life when a boy feels himself becoming a man I began to ask the earnest questions in life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? I sought answers in all the wrong places.
"Who am I?" is a question which everyone asks about themselves. Everyone wants to find an answer to this simple question but mostly receive an answer that is beyond one's perception as a person living in the physical world. I have found an answer to this question from the teachings ...
Have you ever asked this question to yourself?? Who Am I? If not.......go through it & then ask..?? This poem is about the different stages of life you pass through. You grow infant and die old. You live so many lives in between and unknowingly you tend to forget.....A life that enric...
Some thoughts on the eternal question surrounding people wanting to know who they are.
A short poem on the nothingness we are and we think we are. When the world seems bleak and all our achievements nothing but Fools Gold.
where are the memories & who is there to remember?
The title basically says it all. My first blog. Ever. Fun. You should read it. Yeah.
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