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Why marry diddle doooo A latest Western type concept get it afloat moderna genre is on coming upon
There are studies that specifically look for reasons why some men choose affair, despite already having a wife or partner. The results of the study, said the cause is low self-control, and the other is the inability to control sexual desire. Whatever the results, it turns out from the...
I have learned much about women over the past 40 years. I do not think of myself as an expert on women, yet do consider myself literate and speak woman. Women talk to me. Women talk to me a lot. I intentionally ask this question as I engage women from 18 – 80 in conversation, “Wha...
A lot of women want to blame The Other Woman when their man cheats. They want to fight her, call her, show up at her house screaming and crying, or slash tires. Hold up and get real! The only one responsible for your man cheating on you and breaking your heart is HIM.
Why men tend to cheat more than women-get ahead of him and save your relationship
men will always remain cheats. but why? why is it that some men just can't control that innate urge. i have 10 reasons to give you
Why men cheat in a relationship? There are various reasons why men cheat in relationships, now lets look at this issue...
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