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Necrosis is my latest work consisting currently of XLI (41) poems (a work in progress)...Necrosis is about waxing and waning from a Childhood's hour through Secenscent's view in terms of hypochondriasis , anxiety and dark interludes of angst, whereas, the writer can ONLY write while u...
You did a good job Steve and all others too who continue..No cents okay but what of points you'd make
we are living in a world of news every time we look around there's always something happening,what do you think the world will be like ten years from now.
Paper, looks simple but it's one of the factor that makes Global Warming, cause the material of the papers are woods, so, we stop using paper? No, paper is never ending for humans, but there's another way to change it with Eco Paper!
i always love to eat this food. Sometime i love to drink the milk because the milk is very good diet for me and that is why i always very choosy in eating and in dealing with the food i am going to try or not. I also love to eat all type of vegetables. As we know that the vegetable a...
Lydia and Margaret's affair reaches its limits as they go "Down by the River" in a steamy confrontation. Will Lydia give into Margaret's lusty demands? See if they come together as the Saga heats up!
The New World of Peace stands at the edge of the cliff of non-peace and prepares to take flight. If we can see it and believe it we can achieve it. I ask now for Wikinut writers to come forth and be blessed with inspiration to create and co-create this new evolutionary paradigm.
Its about how a mother takes care of his child throughout her life.
Morning little new than yesterday, sun little less brighter than day before, Breeze cooler than ever before, clouds posing to drizzle, birds chirruping noisily, kids ready with their by-cycles to burn the roads, in the hustle and bustle of surrounding, I could find the only one peacef...
My page includes poetry, short stories & perhaps film as well as book manuscripts.
I can’t remember the day when I decided to start writing. Since my school days, I have been writing something or the other. On April 26 2013, I discovered Wikinut. I was ransacking all around to get a platform and it just got me what exactly I had been looking out for. I could opt f...
Star Pages - The most elusive achievement or an achievement which is inconsequential. A bit controversial too but they are only badge which is awarded for a Single page. Here is a Collection of My previous starred pages on Wikinut
It is satirical review of the contents of the wiki nut writers.I hope you will enjoy it.
How Wikinut could make you a better writer, it takes a long time to become a good writer this will show how wikinut can help
Above all the contents are so novel and interesting that you cannot go off.
Lord Buddha gave his third Sermon known as The Fire Sermon. where he tells his bhikshus that everything in present age is burning. Burning into fire of lust,desires and power.What is the way out?When is the end to these sufferings?we don't know because we are in the clutches of false ...
Some of my poetry that I have written of the last almost 50 years of my life. It helps me so much to be able to express myself in this manner and share with others my many challenges and struggles and my beliefs. Hopefully someone, somewhere that is needing a friend or someone to show...
Have you ever received a prestigous star page award for your article?. If you wish to get a star page award, read on, to get tips for getting this award.
Sometime back I was looking out for some websites to write articles online. My motive that time was creating as many back links as possible for my website. But soon I discovered a massive industry where through online writing/content where people are leveraging the products like Googl...
Just an opinion and an idea of mine for the betterment of this wonderful community.
After searching the worldwide net for places to put my writing I found Wikinut! This is a dedication to the company and those who founded it.
Some tips on how to increase your triond and wikinut view count
Funny poems for JohnnyDod's [link=] *"Your next Challenge write me a funny article" *[/link]
After reading this , you can earn yourself a handsome amount of money along with high satisfaction . Many of you come across this kind of article thousands of times before , so what's new in this one ? Well the answer lies inside .
Are you getting enough sleep after joining Wikinut? I know you want to write more pages and comment more on other Wikinut pages of co-authors. You know very well you need to sleep well, but what you must do when you can't stop your Wikinut activities at the right time and go to bed f...
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