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Necrosis is my latest work consisting currently of XLI (41) poems (a work in progress)...Necrosis is about waxing and waning from a Childhood's hour through Secenscent's view in terms of hypochondriasis , anxiety and dark interludes of angst, whereas, the writer can ONLY write while u...
This is my take on what Wikinut means to us as writers following the recent announcement regarding the stoppage of earnings. There will be a lot of mixed feelings and opinions on the on to find out more.
Wikinut has issued the greatest changes in its contributor policies since its inception. What follows in one contributor's immediate reaction to those changes.
You did a good job Steve and all others too who continue..No cents okay but what of points you'd make
"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough"
WikinutAwesome has sub-pages that cater all the things I mostly love and like so greatly. Also it publishes and welcomes guest blog posters - meaning the site is now accepting posts from outside contributors. I found this idea beneficial to both the site owner and guest blog posters. ...
After trying a lot of other websites of this kind and being disappointed from the largest site of this kind the hubpages, and google search for these websites, I found Wikinuts on an article on Hubpages about Wikinuts, I joined this site because at the time it looked much better, afte...
when tragedy strikes in a blink of an what would you do.would you follow your instincts or would you panic and react differently.
Learn some comparisons of Wikinut and Yahoo Contributor network writing sites from someone who wrote for both sites.
“If the wrong reader comes across the words, they will remain just words. But for the right readers, your vision blooms off the page and is absorbed into their minds like smoke, where it will re-form, whole and alive, fully adapted to its new environment.” ― Mary Gaitskill
Did you ever feel so much work to do until you can't sleep? You better not doing that every day, because this 5 terrible things will happen to you
Did you ever feel depressed to reduce your bad fat? Maybe you should try this 3 very easy and happiest way to reduce your fat.
Do you want to figure out this three steps to have a beautiful and healthy lips?
Did you really easy to feel hungry? Find out this 5 healthy food that can make you stop getting hungry all the time.
Did you ever realize how deadly the foods that you eat? Some of them maybe looks health but it also can be deadly
Love is in the air! Feel your first love? Did you searching for a romantic songs? find out five of them here!
Find the most unique and most beautiful place on earth that looks like a fairytale and even more real
I Joined Wikinut a year ago today, so I would like to invite you all to have a 'peek' at my Wikinut journey over the past year.. please join me and come on in...
This is my on-going exquisite journey with Wikinut and would love to share with you all.
This is a healthy and delicious snack. besides that, this 100% can be made yourself with ingredients available at home. Easy and Healthy.
As Wikinut is our writing home, and the site which houses our publications, many of my wikinut friends are familiar with me affectionately referring to our writing site as the ‘House Of Wikinut’.. so join me in addressing the house on some points of discussion about our wonderful ...
i always love to eat this food. Sometime i love to drink the milk because the milk is very good diet for me and that is why i always very choosy in eating and in dealing with the food i am going to try or not. I also love to eat all type of vegetables. As we know that the vegetable a...
One hundred articles in six months. Whew! I hope you will enjoy this poetic look back at my Wikinut experience. I thought about writing the entire thing in homophones -- but I decided to spare us all! Enjoy!
I've been writing on wikinut since a year and I want to share my experience.
We all get old that is true, but our mind never seems to get as old and as fast as our bodies. I am sure many of you will know just what I mean
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