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Necrosis is my latest work consisting currently of XLI (41) poems (a work in progress)...Necrosis is about waxing and waning from a Childhood's hour through Secenscent's view in terms of hypochondriasis , anxiety and dark interludes of angst, whereas, the writer can ONLY write while u...
Its nearly here, Christmas is the time to remember all those who are dear to us. Read on to find out more
You did a good job Steve and all others too who continue..No cents okay but what of points you'd make
"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough"
The Society is decaying and the moral fabrics are broken, or are being misused by sneaky powerful people.They kill or imprison whoever tires to mend the laws. This surely does sound familiar.
We are all saddened to learn of the passing of our Wikinut friend and Author, Joyce Singha. In having been away from Wikinut for a while, I have only recently heard this sad news. I have written this in celebration of us having shared a part of Joyce's life here on Wikinut.
I've been away from Wikinut for a little while So I've come back home with a song and a smile They say absence makes the heart grow fonder Well I can vouch that's true It's good to be back at wikinut.. So a big hello to all again..just from me to you
I have written my first novel and from time to time I shall be putting up excerpts. This is a recently written poem which reflects on deep changes in my psyche. I hope this will help people who experience these kinds of struggles in life.
So what am I gonna write here? The answer is easy. There is a new author here on Wikinut. She just published her first page a few days ago, and here is the review.
To all my friends on Wikinut and Facebook, this is where I am now, and I hope to catch up with all of you very soon. Read on to find out more.
I Joined Wikinut a year ago today, so I would like to invite you all to have a 'peek' at my Wikinut journey over the past year.. please join me and come on in...
Last month, I wrote an article about gaining followers via a Frigid February Following Frenzy. Today, it's time to follow up on the progress (if any) the frenzy created.
Presenting...The Wkinut Writers Compilation, a variety of great writers, incorporating all kinds of posts, on all kinds of subjects, writing styles, and poetry. We're all in this let's celebrate Team Wikinut
I'm sure all friends will echo my sentiments.. and join me in extending a very warm wikinut welcome back to our Songbird Bev, who has returned to us after a long time away. Great to have you home Bev...
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i always love to eat this food. Sometime i love to drink the milk because the milk is very good diet for me and that is why i always very choosy in eating and in dealing with the food i am going to try or not. I also love to eat all type of vegetables. As we know that the vegetable a...
One hundred articles in six months. Whew! I hope you will enjoy this poetic look back at my Wikinut experience. I thought about writing the entire thing in homophones -- but I decided to spare us all! Enjoy!
Notice! I am closing shop for the rest of the year, and will re-open 2014. Signed: Owner of this post
What do you consider to be your priority as a Wikinut Author? How highly do you rate the importance of meticulous grammar? Read on to find out more on this subject.
Here is my personal opinion on how to improve the site I call my writing home, Wikinut.
The New World of Peace stands at the edge of the cliff of non-peace and prepares to take flight. If we can see it and believe it we can achieve it. I ask now for Wikinut writers to come forth and be blessed with inspiration to create and co-create this new evolutionary paradigm.
Its about how a mother takes care of his child throughout her life.
wikis treat..for all Cancer Patients ....for whom WIKIS ...may care to share.....
I've been asked in several comments why I care about stats. Knowing I had more than 300 words to say about the issue, I decided to write an article about it.
Another Poem that may seem dim but as always written with some whim. About love that lives but is no longer alive.
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