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Necrosis is my latest work consisting currently of XLI (41) poems (a work in progress)...Necrosis is about waxing and waning from a Childhood's hour through Secenscent's view in terms of hypochondriasis , anxiety and dark interludes of angst, whereas, the writer can ONLY write while u...
Wikinut has issued the greatest changes in its contributor policies since its inception. What follows in one contributor's immediate reaction to those changes.
You did a good job Steve and all others too who continue..No cents okay but what of points you'd make
There is confusion about moderation on Wikinut about writing skills as opposed to no writing skills; the latter is likely to see an unquestioned moderation here.
Those of us who moderate articles for Wikinut see thousands of articles in the course of performing our duties, and they express a wide variety of views. While we may not agree with some of the viewpoints they offer, it is not in our province to censor them.
As Wikinut is our writing home, and the site which houses our publications, many of my wikinut friends are familiar with me affectionately referring to our writing site as the ‘House Of Wikinut’.. so join me in addressing the house on some points of discussion about our wonderful ...
i always love to eat this food. Sometime i love to drink the milk because the milk is very good diet for me and that is why i always very choosy in eating and in dealing with the food i am going to try or not. I also love to eat all type of vegetables. As we know that the vegetable a...
One hundred articles in six months. Whew! I hope you will enjoy this poetic look back at my Wikinut experience. I thought about writing the entire thing in homophones -- but I decided to spare us all! Enjoy!
Captain James Galiac Sananda speaks in riddles to our Wikinut moderators and, in his message to the world at large, leaves it to them to decide whether they prefer to be left behind rather than be lifted up when the evacuation comes. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
The New World of Peace stands at the edge of the cliff of non-peace and prepares to take flight. If we can see it and believe it we can achieve it. I ask now for Wikinut writers to come forth and be blessed with inspiration to create and co-create this new evolutionary paradigm.
Hello, Wiki! Ah... what can I say about this site? It's too early to give review, but let me start it with Brief Introduction about Myself and My First Impression about Wikinut.
Success is not everything but success and failures are just milestone not destination
Its about how a mother takes care of his child throughout her life.
This page is actually a poem. A poem which i wrote from my personal experiences.
These stout hearted ladies with their hypnotizing beauty and innocence charms you to fantasy their life. The leads of tales are so admirable they teach us to be honest , daring & loyal. They not only expands the imaginative cells of our mind but also gifts our thoughts a wide open sky...
wikis treat..for all Cancer Patients ....for whom WIKIS ...may care to share.....
I decided to write this as the best way to communicate my recent observations of the advertising links incorporated within articles published on Wikinut. Read on and see how you feel about it...
A Poem of Emotions Dealt With and Discarded...Written by the Fainted hearted
I can’t remember the day when I decided to start writing. Since my school days, I have been writing something or the other. On April 26 2013, I discovered Wikinut. I was ransacking all around to get a platform and it just got me what exactly I had been looking out for. I could opt f...
I just wanted to write a tribute to "Our Mark" after his Heart attack
Handling depression can sometimes be depressing. When you're depressed the tendency of handling your situation can be more depressing.
It is satirical review of the contents of the wiki nut writers.I hope you will enjoy it.
Through ages mankind consumed this food. It is very familiar because many were addicted by its luscious,savory taste that melts in your mouth. If you don't know what it is, then be surprised that you've already eaten the 'Food of the Gods'.
How Wikinut could make you a better writer, it takes a long time to become a good writer this will show how wikinut can help
Above all the contents are so novel and interesting that you cannot go off.
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