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The first five books of the bible are called the Pentateuch, originally it was one book, comprise of the children of Israel exodus from Egypt to the promise land which in poetic imagery was flowing with milk and honey.
God sums up all the teachings that he has given to Moses on Mount Sinai and warns his people that they must honor him and keep his commandments.
The people are angry with Moses because they have no water but once again their God comes through for them.
God provides food for his people in the wilderness but also tests them to see if they are ready to trust him.
A little prose poem about a young man who wanted to see the world.
There is a reason to shout. Our Creator God put everything we need on the inside of us. He also brought many of us out of really dark places. He is with us and He is for us. Perhaps you do not know how ~ nor when ~ but you are going to make it if you do not give up. In your wilde...
Two children, lost and alone facing the elements of the cold night and the possibility of being attached by lions. Would they make it? Will they be found in time?
Introducing! Sow Thistle! From East Texas! I'm ready to tell the tale of the sow thistle and the conundrum it brought into our life's and minds. What a riddle it was indeed.
loverme returns from the jungles of wildernesszzzzzzzzzz.......we all wish to be remembered don't we So does loverme [i][b] THANKS I AM STILL ALIVE HAVE YOU ALL FORGOTTEN ME? SO EARLY?? YES NOW TIS ME . POET ANONY loverme [b]loverme returns from the jungles of wildernes...
Wilderness deep is an oasis of human existence when one is listless and out of communication
Squirrels..Squirrels.. they make you laugh with their silly antics. What happens when you forget to feed them? What happens when they meet the cat for the first time? Do they ever loose their balance leaping from tree to tree? Meet up with one and you'll say you've never had so much f...
The wilderness Schizophrenics do stay away... this poetry is for others loved ones they say
Cades Cove is nestled within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It offers visitors an idyllic view of life as the pioneers saw it.
This poem is about a sad little bunny that is lost in the wilderness. She hops down a trail and finds her way to a new destination.
Well, the journey needs to go on, until the desired results have been obtained! So, we continue...
In this instalment of EENDAG, finally our heroes will find some organic human people (instead of more robots and veld critters). But, will finding other members of humankind be of any help to them?
Over a canyon, Majoorbot comes flying. He is looking for the young man. The young man looks up. "Majoorbot, find anything?", he shouts up at the robot. Yes, it seems indeed Majoorbot has found something! The man starts running after the robot flying overhead.
All what you say about Earth and it's Global warming and population alarming tis true But what can one do read on ....
Well, our young man who is lost in the wilderness, has finally found himself a friend: A flying robot that resembles the shape of a puppy or something along those lines. But what brought them together like this?
This is a story of how our family hobbies lead to bonding time
some great poet asked me if off the cuff poetryshe could try ..My answeras simple as this
If you are looking forward to exploring the wilderness, then you need to be prepared so that you enjoy yourself without being stranded in the middle of nowhere
It is my humble prayer that everyone seeing this story and video realize that (even though they may not be considered as a running man) their life too can be ended much easier than they think.
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