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The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
I was simply bemused at how hesitant individuals can be in a given situation no matter how dangerous, as well as having all the facts to hand.
The statements in this post may not be agreed with. In fact, they may irritate some because so often we are taught just the opposite, either religiously or politically. I think both parties are wrong to some extent and will state why.
The will was about to be read.... her detested cousins didn’t care for her grief but only wanted their grubby hands on her father’s estate. All Royal wanted was to be with Aunt Arabella but her father’s last wish from the grave brought out many stunning controversies.
"My wish.. my desire... my prayer.. my request... " these all becomes one when the one you are close to with, you find them really close to someone..
King Farouk of Egypt once said “In a hundred years from now there will only be five Kings left The King of Hearts the King of Spades the King of Clubs the King of Diamonds and the King of England
Sometimes in life we just start a task...We don't have enough patience to get result, For eg.,If we sow a seed..We expect the fruit very soon..But we should wait, till the seed germinate to plant,flower and to vegetable or fruit..This poem explains how can we make use of the time in b...
God is everywhere. If we go to the great ocean, he is before us. If we climb up the mountain top, God is there with us when we are climbing. If we stay at home, he is there.
this is a light-hearted piece of modern poetry since ages steeled..
What is to become of us, are we to war against ourselves for the second time in a civil war? Perhaps that is all that is left to save our country!
There are numerous benefits in preparing the will while you are still of sound mind. The will gives you a peace of mind knowing that all the events surrounding your end of life, are executed in the manner that you want, and that your wishes are respected by those left behind.
In politics, there is always the ping-pong back-and-forth of "what he said" and "what the other he said he said." Even when listening directly, it is difficult to make sense out of the verbal bantering.
Dedicated to Today's Teens as an encouragement for today's world.
Inspired by after seeing some people comment back and forth about two women and their weight one person's picture was Marilyn Monroe and I was thinking how we worry too much sometimes about certain issues in our lives.
It is always the delight of ancestors to leave a legacy for the descendants
As the whole world is taking a common path, let us not forget the choices available to make inclusive progress. A reckless path will lead to breaking down of pillars that held us together to overcome the many challenges. We need to make wise choices of all available options than be le...
Yes the way we react is all to that power of our will
The question concerning God's will for many Christians is a very confusing and worrying thing. But the uncertainty that often comes with it is not necessary when we look at what Scripture says on the issue.
"Two sides of life within a ring merge in a deathly swirl of round..."
There is only one person who will be there no matter what the world thinks.
They are able to live through the use of internet media, and even co-operated in an area of ​​a large scale. The longer you study the internet the more likely your work.
E.T. might assist us and to teach us new tech and clean energies but we humanity still need to create our own heaven on earth! We humans need to come together AS ONE co-create our new world!
So here i am...i have let go of everything....i gave my hand to the Divine....and my wills are the divine wills!!
Do you think it is wrong for a Christian to use online dating sites to find love? This is a topic of controversy because many single Christians are so desperate to find love, that they will go to great lengths to get hitched. Find out what the Bible says on this.
Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.
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