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Despite a reputation for pollution-clogged skies, China is currently attempting to transform itself into a green superpower.
The short story relating the journey of a young man who is returning home after years in college; to his home in the wheatlands of the Palouse country of southeastern Washington state.
The team had reached the curator's house and they are getting ready to go inside. They are hoping to find Dad alive but at this point they don't know what is going on in the house. Everybody is on high alert and Milly has a bad feeling about this assignment. Dad's in danger and the...
Dad made an appointment with the curator. He had some questions that only the curator could answer. He's meeting him at his house in the late afternoon. Dad did not share with the team where he was going which could be a big mistake.
The city has been shut down by a raging blizzard. Everyone is home waiting out the storm. Molly did some detective work while Dad was watching the football game. She found out the curator's background was not squeaky clean. He was now at the top of Molly's list of suspects.
The tow truck driver had been nice enough to drop everyone off at home. They are now home waiting out the storm. Freddy was watching the news and mom was cooking dinner. Dad's waiting for a call from forensics about the clue Katie found. Molly and Milly are watching the snow come d...
Freddy is now a member of the team. Molly and Robert believe that he will be an asset because he watches the news around the clock. He can fill the team in on news bulletins anytime. It's been quiet on the home front but that is soon to change.
Little darling, can´t you guess what´s my real name and face? I am the wind, caressing your skin.
The team is enjoying some down time after their last case. Dad stopped at the pet store with Molly to see how Clarissa and Katie were doing. While they were there they met Freddy the goldfish. Dad and Molly were so impressed with Freddy that they brought him and his fish tank home w...
We are unable to come out of the rut of vicious circumstances we have created over time and most important is the inability to agree to disagree which is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. It is time to agree on the fundamentals to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to better our c...
Wind... the invisible enemy. Well actually it's not an enemy. It's just what it is: Molecules that get pushed along. How strong can it be and can it be damaging? The answer is yes.
The Dynamic Duo and the team are beginning a new story at the start of winter. They live in a suburb of New Jersey and winters can be brutal. The team is preparing for the long winter months. Their last case was successful and they are hoping for a rest before another case presents...
Dad arrived home to find Molly missing and Milly afraid to say where she went. Milly finally spills the beans and tells Dad she's at the beach house. A storm is brewing and Molly's being held against her will.
A storm is brewing and there's weather alerts along the coast. The day is spiraling out of control. Dad's on the boardwalk chasing the bad guys. Molly's being held captive against her will and Milly's home packing to leave the beach.
I thought this poem would be appropriate because of the cold, windy weather we've been having.
Max and Danielle have enjoyed their time together. The army supply truck will be picking up Danielle to take her back to the old homestead. The snow is beginning to fall and it will be a dangerous ride home.
Max has just recovered from a bad case of the flu. He's been researching a way to reach the old homestead. There's a blizzard outside with high winds, snow drifts and icy roads. This storm will go down in history. The temperatures are below zero with very little visibility.
A year ago we gave an account of the continuous economical makeover of the Eiffel Tower's first-floor. Work proceeds on turning the tower green, and as a major aspect of this methodology, New York's Urban Green Energy (UGE) as of late introduced two wind turbines that ought to lessen ...
A poem inspired by Acts 2:1-4 The arrival of The holy spirit into humanity
The Blizzard of '78 was touted as the storm of the last century. I was there and survived.
Sometimes we do not see the beauty that is all around us, take time to see that beauty, and you will know what a wonderful world this is.
This is an update on the weather here in Northeast, Ohio. We are expecting some winter weather here in Cleveland.
India goes green as it turns to wind and solar power on the initiative of Prime Minister Modi. Need to understand the concept of green energy has stalled many projects. Now India has become aware as one of the leaders of progress and change are looking to implement green energy source...
Rather than give in to Seasonal Affective Disorder, I chose to write poetry about the winter weather. Hope it give you a moan, a groan, and perhaps a chuckle.
Wind can be defined as air motion. The principal cause of winds is the difference in pressure. Air always moves from areas of high pressure to those with low pressure.
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