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Just a quick ditty about a robin with an umbrella, sometimes I sit in my garden and just imagine things.
~lipstick on the mirror~I love you red~I hate you black~ambulance on the lawn~cop cars & firetrucks~if they couldn’t save the breathers inside~how the hell could I~but I had to try~those boys took me down~until the woman inside cried my name~the priest told me don’t tell her~there...
In truth how no one in this world should fly alone, for we should all have another wing to fly with.
Winter wanes with the welcome of March and the promise of spring peeking colorfully through the melting snow.
About a make believe place called "Evergreen." A story poem about make believe fairy fireflies.
~ wild sounds in the night ~ ~ angel siren voices ~ Jim Morrison ~ as a moral lion ~ roar before the daughters of the universe ~ Nietzsche ~ then you say how bad & even killers, your children are ~ Charles Manson ~ for the heart whose woes are legion ~ Poe ~ who loves ya ~ shotgun ~
~I didn’t enjoy working at Wal~Mart~especially didn’t like the lunchroom~too much b.s for me, the tin bosses hung out there~so I’d go freeze or sweat in my truck in the parking lot~ I was rewarded one day when a most beautiful ugly angel appeared~
Fish swim by propelling themselves through the water in a wave-like fashion. Fish with streamlined bodies and crescent-shaped caudel fins move faster through the water by moving their tail from side to side - this moves them forward a lot like rowing a boat with an oar.
~singing in the loft~balcony~feathers dripping dew~& doo on you~wings fluttering~talons grasping~a circling retreat~dive of vengeance~masters of survival~reptilian spore~lizard wings wizard~tongue in beak cawing~dripping aeon~a limbing gasp~egg fertilization~
~She wears her wings mysterious~I am inclined to gaze at her reflection~terrified at the prospect of a direct hit~a sixth thing she~divides a man~becomes understated~damned & glad to be so~what is next if she is not~
~tympany of armor~whisper leaves click~roots of dawn~dinosaurs and ants~devour us~give birth our children~God-brain consciousness~chaos~catastrophe~stasis~reduced mobility~mordidity~ metamorphisis~blood on blood definition~diseased to survive~destined to breed out~
~There are times you look in the mirror~wonder what it is~the space that isn’t~the inbetween thing~reflections of what was~visions of the morrow~is it ours to decide~what is now and/or the great divide~
A poem about, whom one should or should not trust in, and how to discern them.
Her dirt encrusted feet plant explosions of dust rise charcoal moons of her eyes a forenoon of madness blessed vibe retreat
The city of Mobile has a fire station that has a contract with the Mobile Airport located on Airport Boulevard in west Mobile. The firefighters at this fire station are trained specifically in evacuation of passengers and firefighting in aircraft emergencies.
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