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Ohio based PoulG toys are raising new generation stores for Radio controlled pterodactyl, that really flies with fluttering its wings. A new generation toy looks like pterodactyl.
Was it an hallucination or did I really visit heaven? This is the question asked by the experts whose patients experience such phenomenon. Near death experiences into the afterlife happen more frequently then you would expect. For those who believe, it is conformation, and for non-bel...
When you are ready to take that wee step which actually is the largest one you will ever least whilst in this human form..then transfigured you will be ...a truly heavenly state...enjoy...
To enter through the Gates of Heaven one must pass the angels with fiery swords who stand as cannot take hatred or darkness is not allowed... entrance will be barred....
how can a beautiful memory that scraping the inner, and it's describe how the pain of remembering something
Spiritual poetry. This poem describes an angel watching over one. Do you believe in angels? Angels are real! Spiritual poetry about an angel. A guardian angel.
Nature poetry, seasonal poetry, winter poetry, poetry
Parents have to realize, that we ourselves need to learn from our mistakes.
We have all, at least most of us, heard about the Garden of Eden and the Angels who guard the Gates to enter in this paradise.. What if this be a metaphor or allegory symbolizing what we need to give up to enter the KIngdom that lies within...some may like this some not but as long a...
To fly to close to the sun? Or to forever walk that bleak road.
you give me wings to has been so long since we last saw each other
Birds flying in flight as they go along. The sounds and sights so beautiful. They are so loud with the whisper of wings. The call so tender. So light and clear. Hear the whisper of the call.
a short poem about flying in a hot air balloon, starting off at night and landing in the day. And the dream of growing wings for travel.
Recently, photos went up with a spider having large wings, granting it the capability to fly. This caused a brief period of terror, affecting those with arachnophobia.
Just a couple poems I wrote about sadness, the past, and that all consuming question why.
Nordmann/s Greenshank bird also joined in the list of endangered bird in International Union for Conservation of Nature.
The travails of GVR, a writer in a basement. Here you find two words: spags which means spelling and grammar mistakes and ESL means English as Second Language.
Mental state of an ostracized person is no better than what a moth might feel. The first bird also must have suffered it.
what are friends ? are they your belliefs? your prayers? your god or more than that?
Tired of chicken wings just dipped in regular hot sauce? Try this.
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 26 Animal Poem. This one is about Bald Eagles.
I was inspired to write this poem when one day, I was watering the plants, I saw some butterflies flying around the flowers. It was a delightful sight.
In truth how no one in this world should fly alone, for we should all have another wing to fly with.
Here are some random jots from my notebook, more thoughts than poems. Why not try writing poetry? It is fun and a lot easier than you think, as these three offerings highlight.
There is nothing like heaven or hell. The theologians and the priests have been selling these concepts successfully to the faithful. They portrayed heaven as a gift for righteous behavior on earth. It was also sold as a concept to ease the pain of death.
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