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Snow can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. When you live in an apartment that doesn't allow washing machines it can be tricky to stay in and stay warm while it's on the ground.
Sometimes in the cold mouth of winter it seems as though the days wind on forever. Sometimes it seems as time had no reason to hurry.
Thinking back to cold November nights years ago. Seeing the beauty of frost on trees and white carpets on meadows. Remembering as a boy, never feeling the cold.
For me this is a time of year for reflection, a time for remembering and celebrating the year in its passing.
I love to write Haiku, I love to play with the form. Sometimes I spend more time thinking about 17 little syllables than I do on a whole page of poetry.
Winters in Maine call for desperate measures. Especialy where heating ones old, drafty house is concerned. Yet, there ARE people out there who are warm...But, are they happy?
It was a bad winter, a winter not known for many years. The snow was as high as the hedge tops, and tales of travelers lost were told around firesides.
This article is about tips and ideas of Winterize your wedding venue
I think I like her a whole lot more than him ... He is just soooo cold and chilling.
THE PIED PIPER OF WHAT! HAMMELIN? Rats And Winter! These two poems are simply to fill up time and space in the winters rat race.
The Money Cycle Begins To Subside, Winter Begins To Grip, Think , Next Year Could Be Even Better!
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