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You know the feeling. There’s a nip in the air; it’s harder to leave your warm bed in the mornings; you pull out the woollies and everything feels lovely and then it begins. A sneeze, a cough, a sniffle, blocked nose, congested chest and a ghastly feeling that you’ll be sick al...
Winter is when your skin undergoes changes because of the harsh weather conditions. However, according to ayurveda, this is also the best time to strengthen your immune system, and make your skin look lustrous and youthful.
As we come to the end of yet another year, I give you a poem of change
Escape the stressful hustle and bustle of the festive period with our guide to the best ways to spend New Year's Eve abroad.
In addition to popular destinations like the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, there are a number of other countries that are particularly in the winter months a visit.
I think I like her a whole lot more than him ... He is just soooo cold and chilling.
One of the seven wonders of the world it has an amazing history and debacle.Often called as a symbol of love , it took 22 years for its formation.There are still certain hidden details about this marvelous wanting to be exposed..let's see if it really does.
From animals,nomads to civilized human beings,we humans have come through a long way..thanks to science we humans have invented various things and have reached a stage where we can rightly call ourselves homo sapiens.
If one thought only slim girls can attract boys or become models then they must rather ready to be proved wrong as the slim beauties are losing their beauty to the plus-size one's...
A child disagreeing with his father...arguing that he is right , he must be given the choice to choose what he wants to do since it is his life..........
Most readers request for a write up on couple relationships and how one must hold sway in the first half,while other reacts in the second half of the relationship.
The greetings are distributed,the meetings are being set and the arrangements are being made.Well all these complicated process take place mostly for a particular day that is the for the big day.
"One who has got a pen does not need a sword" this is what the writers thought.According to great writers a sword can break and disrespect his master but a pen can never dare to do so and would be always faithful to its owner.
A mother,a daughter,a wife...such words too would fall short to describe a woman who at every stage of her life sacrifices some or the other thing not for her of course but for the happiness for her family but what she gets in return is not gratitude but torture..
Most of the relations we are bounded to are not chosen by us but still we honor them and oblige are duties towards them not because we want to but we are expected to.Let it be a mother son or an aunt niece relationship we all are bound to such relationships without any choice...but ...
THE PIED PIPER OF WHAT! HAMMELIN? Rats And Winter! These two poems are simply to fill up time and space in the winters rat race.
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