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Even though you might not think it matters, seasons can have an impact on how much you sell your home for or how much you buy it for. Seasons really do influence the prices even as much as 10%. Knowing the best time to sell your home can increase the sale price of your home and take t...
Shrugs can transform even the most boring outfit into a fashionable attire. Read on to find out how you can style your shrugs.
This article is about what to do when your furnace and electricity goes out in winter.
Remember that famous line “puppy power” by Scrappy-Doo? This winter your pup may need a little help in the power department.
A poem, after a while of not writing anything at all. Comments are open.
We all know about cold winter weather and how to protect ourselves and family but we also have to protect out furry family members from the harsh winter weather
Winter brings in freezing cold temperatures, numbing cold and falling snow but for kids it’s a winter wonderland of snow for building snowmen, sledding and more. For us it means keeping kids safe this winter season.
It's a poem about a frosty morning. The grass is silver and trees have beautiful white coats that help capture a scene of a magical few moments. A pale sun turns the fields of pure gold as it catches frosty ground. Some see a winter morning as just that, a winter morning. But some see...
Let's face it! Your lips tend to crack more during winter. This is the season when they tend to lose a lot of moisture. If you don't want to be victimized, read on to have them stay in tip-toe shape!
Snow can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. When you live in an apartment that doesn't allow washing machines it can be tricky to stay in and stay warm while it's on the ground.
Wiccan High Priestess shares the spiritual significance of Yule in her tradition. Along with highlights of the history surrounding various cultural beliefs and celebrations on or around the winter solstice.
Two poems about winter and its profound calling for men to commune
Dogs need to be protected in the cold weather. Many people don’t think about what dogs need to get through the winter months.
Broths at Easter or at cold Winter days. For religious matters or to palate them.
In opposition to warmer months - or when it comes to styling for the colder months - the bigger the better. Read on to find out more about timeless chunky pieces that are great for the colder months!
The team is at the museum. They are standing at the top of the stairs waiting for Dad to talk to the curator. The man seems to have an attitude problem and Molly is very annoyed with him. She wants to get started on the investigation.
The team is preparing for another case. Dad wants everyone on the team to be involved with this case. They have to pull the van out of the garage because the team is getting so big that they need extra room for all of them.
On a clear winter morning, I thought of you, love of mine.
The Dynamic Duo and the team are beginning a new story at the start of winter. They live in a suburb of New Jersey and winters can be brutal. The team is preparing for the long winter months. Their last case was successful and they are hoping for a rest before another case presents...
Before it gets too cold you need to get your barns and chicken coops ready for winter. This is something that you can do early in the fall before it gets too cold. Learn some simple tips to prepare your barn before winter.
Skiing holidays can be fun if you pack well and plan well. Here we take a look at some popular destinations worldwide. One has to check with the resort for the complete list of facilities available.
If your skin gets dry ion the winter and you buy facial scrubs from the store that aren't natural. Stop! Use the idea I give you in this article and I will tell the why to use it.
What are we going to do when it´s so hot that asphalt melts under one´s feet? Follow these tips to cool down and to enjoy Summer.
I wrote these poems a few years back some are funny, some are deep, and some are weird.
Winter is a time for cold and snow related accidents, be careful when you go out in the cold.
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