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Gary Andersen on Wednesday has decided to leave the Wisconsin football program to become the new head coach of the Oregon State University football program. Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez will be searching for a new coach to replace Andersen before January 1 2015.
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is Located in the Menomonee Valley on 1721 West Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI. The Casino can be very entertaining for your money. They have a variety of different gaming and restaurants. When Potawatomi first opened up in 1991 it started out as a bingo hall. ...
Mitchell Park is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This article will explain some of the history of the park and what the park has to offer.
Three Bridges Park is located in the Menomonie Valley and it is part of the Hank Aaron State Trail. The park officially opened in July of 2013. This article will explain more about the park. I hope that you enjoy this article.
Most people don't know what creepypastas are,but they have sprung into the spotlight with the recent stabbin g in Wisconsin. This is an article about what creepypastas are and aren't. What they promote is scaring it's readers witless, it doesn't say to stab your friends or try to hu...
The Menomonee Valley is located in Milwaukee, WI. There are lots of things the Valley has lots to offer. The Valley has lots of history and waiting for you to come to check it out.
Great Lakes Distillery is a business that makes different kinds of spirits. The business is located in the Menomonee Valley area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin State Fair is at West Allis, WI. The fair normally runs during the early part of August. Checkout the website for dates and times. It is a fun place to go to for the whole family. There is lots to see and do at the fair. I hope everyone comes and check it out.
Ho Chunk Casino is located in the Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This article will show you all the type of things that they offer for their guests that decides to come to this casino and visit and to play here. This casino is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This location is one of...
Milwaukee is well know for being a great place by a Great Lake. There is so much to see and do here in Milwaukee it is hard not to list them all here. This is just some of the things what you can do here in Milwaukee.
Wisconsin is great place to visit to see great places and see some awesome views of nature. In this article I am highlighting some of things that makes Wisconsin so great.
Oregon took the victory on Wisconsin Badgers in one of the Most Successful Football Stadium known for College Tournaments - Rose Bowl Stadium
I live in Milwaukee all my life and enjoy my time here. There is always things to do here in all seasons. Milwaukee is fun and interesting and rich in history. I hope that if you do visit Milwaukee that you also find fun and interesting to be.
There are lots of things to do in Wisconsin. Like going to the Wisconsin Dells, festivals and fairs, casinos, and so much more. The following will describe in more detail on some of the thing you can do in Wisconsin.
There are some great websites if you are planning to visit Milwaukee, WI. These site are really great and easy to use. The following are some of the sites that I am recommending for all to checkout. Each person has their favorite site to go to, but I'll let you pick one or more of the...
Palermo's Pizza is located in the Menomonee Valley on 3301 W. Canal Street. They make and sell frozen pizza to local grocery stores around the area and around the states. They also have a cafe on site for everyone to and lunch there.
This is just a brief review of Reclaiming Our Heritage at Milwaukee VA Medical Center. The event is very awesome experience and would to see everyone out there reading this story to come on out and check it
The Hank Aaron State Trail is located in Milwaukee. Parts of the trail goes through the Menomonee Valley.
It was a cold, overcast and rainy day in Lexington, Kentucky for the MoveOn.Org "Defend the Dream" rally. I couldn't help but thinking that it matched the mood of America and the World right now.
Public sector unions are exploiting tax payers and crippling state budgets.
"We support Wisconsin!" and other signs showed Kentuckians solidarity with Wisconsin union workers. MoveOn.Org organized the nationwide rally to stand up for worker's rights, collective bargaining, attacks on unions and cuts to social programs.
Protests and regime changes are happening all across the Middle East and now we're seeing the unrest in America. Gas prices will rise and as they rise so will the price of eveything else and so will the crime rates.
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin says he will not negotiate with any of the Democrats who want to take the bill off the table which would eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in the state, but has no problm speaking with a fake Koch brother for twenty minutes.
John Simonson and Howard Marklein are currently running to fill the Assembly seat being vacated by Steve Hilgenberg who is due to retire at the end of his term.
A summer full of change is quickly approaching the final destination, in one culminating moment of immense change.
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