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here they are for you to read if you will...the May horoscopes telling of happenings for you...however best if you have a full astrology reading from Steve on
Wisdom accumulates from the growth of knowledge, but it takes more than just knowledge of facts to understand. This article discusses how the ancient wisdoms still can be applied within our lives today. Truth always remains truth, and so does wisdom. For that matter, so does love.
well am back with some of my somewhat mystifying poetry..if you read sense into it well done or be like me just wander the highways and byways of non reality...wherever it takes you...enjoy
We all of us have the opportunity and the responsibility to not allow those who are negative to affect us...physically, mentally, emotionally...for they are dis-ease forming..just place the Light between you and them as a protection for the highest good...enjoy
Travelling back into the Warriors and Kings of old, how they conquered, ruled and took their pleasuring men and women and young boys...a bit naughty but nice!
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