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Different forms of witchcraft & sorcery a mockery to God.
God continues his discourse on the law and although no one disputes what he says at the time, many would question certain of the commandment today.
Admiral James Galiac stresses the “importance” of understanding why the Tree of Life was so important to the Hellion races who broke through the fabric of space to invade, occupy, and enslave the HUmans of the new earth with their self-serving agenda. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ri...
This page is about a spiritual abuse that I witnessed while visiting a church. The congregation was informed they were going to be cursed for the omission of enough money to suit their leader.
Many women and men were burned as witches in different eras and places such as Europe and the USA.
The story is about the abduction of a beautiful Princess in Altria a fairy-tale country. Because the abductor is seen as a villain the palace decides on recruiting the services of a detective in the City – William Tenys.
Leonardtown colonists believed Moll Dyer to be a witch who had cast an evil spell over them. Irritated that she appeared to be of sound health while the rest of the citizens were meeting their demise by record numbers, Moll Dyer was pulled out of her home by the angry colonists and se...
Dill has become even more popular in recent years due to the Food Network, Martha Stewart and other culinary experts that demonstrate how to capitalize on the flavors of spices that once used to collect dust at the back of food cupboards.
The Discovery Channel covered the touchy topic and learned that many people believe that they have been touched or assaulted by the dead. The subject matter is unnerving, and the victims forever changed on their views concerning the afterlife.
In learning about idols and what that really means I was astounded to find that my home was full of them. It might be the case that today someone views idols as like those of biblical times, and has said in their heart that Yah's commandments are no more so they don't apply. Don't be...
I discuss the repercussions of taking the Bible literally and suggest that the church might find a better way of getting it's point across.
“Tonight is Halloween Night and I’m going to prove to you that it’s not mumbo jumbo. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a real witch; but only you and I know that. Anyone else will say I’m just made-up as one; and I’m not just a witch; I’m a witch queen. I rule over all t...
The reality of the mechanisms conducted by actual demonic people.
That deep south potent magic. An incident that took place long ago.
A few signs, symptoms, and explanations regarding the techniques of being attacked through Voodoo and Black Magic
Are you planning a trip to Salem Mass? Know where to go and what to see when you get there. A tourist's guide to the best attractions in Salem mass.
Have you ever had days "were things out of the blue are crumbleing at your feet .you may ask ,why me .this was not suppose to happen.yet things are happening all around you a dark cloud devolopes that you can't shake away for some time.what do you do now.
A book review about Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's collaboration: Beautiful Creatures
On July 23rd the trials of the Salem witch's began. There are two of the letters from this trial from the defendants expressing their innocence.
Jason the ex-secret agent, newly turned werewolf turned to Lora Glade for help, they escape his pursuers and must begin their own counter attack.
Sometimes I also laugh how mature is Wiki, when they can't handle a problem owing to systematic failure they teach one how to ignore So I too have learned.
A continuation of the story arc of Jason, a secret agent who has become infected with lycanthropy
This is a continuation of a story I began about a secret agent infected with lycanthropy and his continued adventures.
Jason the werewolf ex-secret agent has turned to Lora Glade, a witch for help. Her store is subsequently attacked
Both prayer and magic are ways people try to change the world about them. What is the difference between the two and why witchcraft is considered a sin according to the Bible
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