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The search for the Holy Grail has been going on for a long long time. I believe that the Holy Grail is a metaphor for something much greater found within. The journey there however can be a difficult one..many will not continue to the end..enjoy this
So much going on not always of a higher nature as was and as is....we all have to handle the slings and arrows of outrageous loving it all no matter what really is the only solution ...whether you can do it or not always your choice...
This is about how it is possible to enter the higher realms of light and sound. Not through the ways of using such things as drugs but through our own abilities of doing meditation, contemplation and spiritual exercises. Reaching into the passageways to God through our own intention...
Many here are so good at putting words together making pretty pieces and powerful ones too. Such a pleasure to be part of this wonderful gang here on for so many stars...ones in the sky and on our pages..thanks to our moderators too...
This piece comes from a deep place within as so many of my pieces do. Words, images, sound...all make and create a picture that if painted would contain many many and enjoy...
Back in the hippy days and they were great...we spoke about the Age of Aquarius and here we be in it...and the song here tells all about it...enjoy!!!
Within everyone resides these Selves whether you are in touch with them is often a matter of evolvement...many will not believe this and that is fine for the Selves still are would behove you to try....
The poem tries to answer why we are here, what is our purpose and when do we go to wherever we came from.
Happiness Lies within yourself and please don't search it anywhere outside.
Inspiration comes from within although outer sources can inspire us to write, paint, sculpt etc. Whichever way it is for you, this is the way for me....
That is what we loving fathers are, truly within albeit all those toughness we display on the exterior behaviour when in jihad of life, out working to earn a decent living for his family.
There are many names on the Registry and Church Rolls but have never been in Christ nor with Christ. Sounds like double talk? Ask yourself, "Am I in Christ's kingdom walking with Christ or did I just join the local church because it was just the right thing to do, or for other reasons...
This is part 4 of "The Truth Within". This is the link for part 3: Sorry for the delay but I didn't have time. Happy Holidays Everyone!
Part three of "The Truth Within". This is the link for the second part:
Here is the continuation of "The Truth Within - The Beginning". You can find the first part here:
While working on my manga I thought to make a mini-book series of it. I will publish them here on WikiNut. This is the first arc.
Happiness is within your own reach. We are created on this earth to live a life of happiness. Happiness, in reality, lies in our own hands. It is our decision that we make in life makes us happy or sorrowful.
This is an article dedicated to all writers, it tells what to be a writer is and one should always cherish this.
A poem on the poetry prompt of writing a trapped poem.
First 10 lines was written by my online friend Jordan he gave me permission to use it as a template I did so and went running on the rest.
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