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There was a time when I was served with dinner on platter by my mom after coming from work, and there is time now when I have to enter kitchen after work so that I can serve dinner to myself.
Takes another look at the lighter side of life. Blends humour with a little wit to ease everyday tension. It is intended to appeal to the intellectual as well as to those who want to have a whole lot of fun.
This page is dedicated to those who like words of wisdom mixed with a little humour. It is meant to make the reader think intellectually as well as lightly.
Part two of the jokes, wit and sayings to give you a break from hectic schedules of life and take a look at the lighter side of life
A list of sayings to make one think and to provide the light side of life to the readers. It explores lots of cliches and looks at it in different ways
Sayings, how to interpret body language, human emotions and how they effect their body language. An interesting exploration of words and sayings that are often misused or misunderstood.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, when Lovers everywhere go searching for that perfect romantic card to declare their heart's desire.. A satirical poetic tribute from Songbird B..A Valentine Giggle..
Many of us might have come across that dreaded water leak sometime in our lives, that odorous smell of damp that tells you there's some thing's not quite right somewhere...Songbird B tells her tale of her own inimitable light-hearted way..Read it and weep...with laughter...
Sir Winston Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was one of the most beloved British prime ministers.
yha a not so short short story...A story of three tough best friends.
This 1996 Black comedy film directed by Paul Mazursky is definitely worth watching. The film is well directed and keeps the viewers interested throughout with its hilarious conversation and well defined performances by the lead actors.
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