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Well, it is time - the time Marzeus knew would come. It is the day that Wolverine will play in the video Marzeus is making.
In man, there are 7 known chakras that are centers of spiritual power in the body which gird the soul to the body. In the Universe there are also chakras that link all planets like a cord, consistent with Union and Oneness of the Universal Whole. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
There are ladies everywhere and some of them are not what we would wish to see or even know...some here are on wikinut but those we delete or give them to the wolf to enjoy this magical piece just as i do...
Six Little Poem 1.The Chickens' Fate 2.The Alone Desire 3.The Circle 4. A Moment in Space-Time 5. Life 6. The Wolf Has Come
This is the fable of White Buffalo, as told by the Great Spirit of all time.
Sijo, Haiku, Senryu and Ninette have their own forms, they limit as well as enhance the imagery of poems.
Wolves are necessary to the health of the ecosystem of North America, but clueless authorities still allow the slaughter of these magnificent animals.
The first novel I have worked on and wanted to show people since I feel it is the best story I have wrote in a while.
Just a short poem to get my mind off things haven't wrote in a while because of things getting on top but all sorted now.
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
A tribute to my beloved Leo, a half purebred German Shepherd, one quarter husky, and one quarter wolf. He was a very understanding and compassionate dog who would put his head on my knee when I was down, and he would hold still and let me hug him and cry into his fur until my tears w...
My poem " [link=]Kid, stand on your own [/link] " was published on 06-Mar-2011. Now, I'm surprised to see that this poem has been receiving many views per day recently.
A brief review of the Northern Lights Wolf Center, located near Golden, British Columbia. A small road side tourist attraction with real wolves.
A slightly funny poem about a hunting wolf and someone who thinks of him.
This was the first story I ever wrote. I finished it when I was 16 and I've been keeping it to myself since. But story's are made to be shared and as such I present The Spirit of the Wolf.
His scream arises drawstring in dark, timber crusader, unlighted instinct, subdued urge to spill lives and mark, ground traces where victims extinct.
A look at the largest non-continental Island in the world, Greenland and what it has to offer.
A friend of mine was hard to reach inside of him. Now an illness has opened him up and now I realize all the pain he has inside.
Isaiah 65:25 The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain," says the LORD.
I wrote this poem for my two kids. They have grown up but they care little to read my poetry. I know one day they will appreciate my feelings. Please write your comments. I want to know whether the kids are same around the world, when they are born and as they grow up.
This poem is to embrace the season's dance that keeps us all moving in a forward motion, yet, the circle always comes back upon itself, as we dance the same dance again and wait in anticipation for the music to change. This poem is one that is in my book soon to be released, "When Nat...
Can a wild animal's instincts approximate those of human's; or more appropriately, are humans really "a cut above" ferocious wild animals deep in the heart?
~ intents of the corpse ~ home green moss bones ~ we ain’t dumbed down enough ~ nails in our eyes ~ pinned to the brain bored ~ eatin’ chiicken ~ enjoying intercourse with monsters ~ don’t tell me how to spell ~ like witches dew ~ anointing the pissant ~
There are a number of stories of children who are raised by animals. Here are two famous stories.
A powerfully written short story about a child who was abducted..
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