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Woman Power is Coming.Right across the world in politics sports and internet we have many more women now than then
Man and Woman now a days are equal women are now more manly than men Men wear skirts like Scottish or those in Bhutan kind!
This is for all woman you are beautiful you are worthy you are special this poem is for you.
These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.
Whether because of the many problems we face or because of our hectic lives, romance quite recently disappeared.
This is a short story about a young woman who tried to bury inside her soul something bigger than herself, but there was no use in trying to hide it... Everybody already knew her secret
When a woman falls in Love with you, it is said to be magical and eternal. Most men will do anything to have the girl of their dreams fall in love with them, here's how.
Shiela and Ike agreed to meet at the mall in the afternoon. Everytime, Sheila asked him to come and meet her, he comes. He told her that he will be there after thirty minutes but she was there for two hours already and she was angry and wants to end the relationship with the man she l...
There are few guarantees in life, but this much we can say with certainty: The sun rises in the east, death comes to us all, and you will -- at one time or another -- suddenly find yourself in the midst of a blazing fight with your girlfriend without even realizing it.
this short poem about the rose and its many layers of beauty was inspired by the video that i have linked at the top... I have always stood in awe at the beauty of the rose... In this poem i relate its many layers to the beauty and sensuality of woman....My mothers name is Rose so...
With every relationship there is ups and down so if there is trouble between you and your spouse. The I suggest that you continue reading. I have out line some of the most common mistakes many couples face on a daily basis.
This is not my original composition, but i posted it here to share to all of you who haven't read it yet. THIS IS FOR YOU. I just want to share to the world what the world told me.
A ray of light.... An ethereal smile A tear of blood... There is nothing
Man desires admiration love sex imagination ,compatibilities of miind first then sex to hold a long term relationship which is a must.This poem speaks of it , Not lust.
I myself have asked this question so many time. Now I can give you some tips.
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