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Education today is just as important for women as it is for men; she must be-able to use her knowledge and skills to develop her confidence in equipping herself for the latter years of old age. Gone are the days when women’s prime functions in marriage were to stay home; where educa...
No matter what could happen, she was more than determined to fight every single day for the love she was sure to deserve.
She does not go quiet into the night, not our girl. She stands up, she straightens her broken spine and adjusts her crooked heart. She does not just survive, she acts.
This poem expresses once feelings towards her father, and asking him to love het
Women in love is a classic romance novel that moves from the second world war to modern times as it examines the relationships between mothers and daughters. A father has an illicit affair in wartime Cairo that affects all of their lives. As the mothers grow older and the daughters fi...
The article gives a summary of how to make a woman have an orgasm
Splashes of ink on paper that weave together to become a plethora of poems
Now this is somewhat really interesting and is a dream of every man who has a partner. Now this seems quite promising to me and surely will get you some positive results.
A good poet an idealist, has just described a perfect 100percent idealwoman None I have known qualify ,hence this outcome poem.
These small pieces of poetry were requests from some younger gals and guys. Hence posted as one such set. Hope you will enjoy and the witches will perish, ere they paste fruitless comments.
Use safety belts in the car is required. And pregnant women are no exception. It is true that there is to know how to put it to not be uncomfortable for the mother or the baby but always always wear.
Who are the irresistible women? You can do many different activities or take actions to have a better appearance, to be prettier or slimmer. But there are some specific things that drive men crazy for some women. Sometimes a woman runs into a man and if she doesn’t disappear, move, ...
What do women really want in a man A man in his fifties, to conquer a woman needs the following things: 1) Hair To have beautifull hair is 'very important. you can not bluff with tricks, otherwise you risk becoming ridiculous. Much better then a transplant or to cut them ...
Need to keep your relationship Guys? Many guys think they know everything a woman wants but the truth is "They dont". List of Little things that can actually make a woman love you forever. These few Tips guarantees a long lasting relationship.
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
He beat her like she was a Steel Pan but instead of music blood...and her cries...but still he kicked and cuffed...she survived for her children's sake and defeated masculinism.
Psychologist often say men are from mars and women are from venus, although we compliment each other we are different...
For International Women's Day let us pause to reflect: what it means to be feminine? What is femininity and how it expresses itself? Not only Eros and seduction, but also in everyday life, with your partner, with themselves and with friends, at home and at work. The starting point? Sm...
Women, women, and women ....... man ....... if…. they did not
When a woman does not speak, do not interrupt ... :)
If enough education and more awareness is created about abortion -it will help more people to reduce the plan of doing it. not just the young ones but all.
The enmity between man and man or woman and woman grows but man and woman no matter how much they hurt and hate each other, they will never become sworn enemies because the relationship of a man and a woman is a match made in heaven!
Mixed thoughts on what women and writers want. I want comments also, can you render some?
When it comes to relationship between men and women, nothing can be as close to truth as this saying that “men are from mars and women are from Venus”. This means they have different thinking and more so when it comes to choosing a partner.
Here are some tips on how to maintain your personality in a relationship without getting hurt.
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