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Oral contraceptives have played an important role in allowing women to take their well deserved place in today's modern society.
The women of Esther was born in the mind of a Pastor who viewed his lovely wife as a women who patterned her preperation after Queen Esther, The group meets monthly in Columbus Ohio and is powerful. The founding Father of the group is Pastor Ronald K. Reed ; his lovely wife Elder Tin...
Some personal observations concerning women in my life, women's roles in American culture, and some of the erroneous myths about women.
Now this is somewhat really interesting and is a dream of every man who has a partner. Now this seems quite promising to me and surely will get you some positive results.
This is a blog dedicated to working women of the Indian household. and also to the young women who feel insecure to step out on the streets of modern india, which we consider to be empowered with values and culture. is that really the true picture of modern India. or behind the scenes...
A good poet an idealist, has just described a perfect 100percent idealwoman None I have known qualify ,hence this outcome poem.
Use safety belts in the car is required. And pregnant women are no exception. It is true that there is to know how to put it to not be uncomfortable for the mother or the baby but always always wear.
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
He beat her like she was a Steel Pan but instead of music blood...and her cries...but still he kicked and cuffed...she survived for her children's sake and defeated masculinism.
Here are some tips on how to maintain your personality in a relationship without getting hurt.
Women round the world are becoming more and more independent and equate themselves equal to all men in all walks of life. Why pornography be an exception they ask.
Children are given names when they are born. But only their father’s name is used as their initial. Both father and mother have equal rights in giving birth to the child. Then why this indiscrimination of women?
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