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Every day we wake into a new day, I am always waiting for it to show me its glory.
We live life like robots when we live governed by our autonomic programming. One of the ways we can change this and reap the benefits found through living each day as though it were new and exciting is to look through the eyes of a child. This short essay offers seven ways in which we...
Ants are generally considered lowly insects, but with advances in technology they can be converted into superheroes.
I was simply bemused at how hesitant individuals can be in a given situation no matter how dangerous, as well as having all the facts to hand.
I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
We all have to traverse many areas of life-ing in this current lifetime. So as we wander through it let us learn from what we have done so we can do even greater..more lovingly..enjoy!
Sometimes, those little things on life, are the ones capable of making our heart jump with the purest form of joy.
From humble conception to modern day eruption, film is a part of our human history we can truly be proud of. Losing yourself in another dimension, an alternate universe, is a great human pleasure and the stories we treasure on screen say a lot about our human condition. 'Back To The F...
It all begins and ends with you. You are the sum total of all you have been and done so here you are today either happy or bemoaning your life which most people do the pain or joy is carried on....
Peppermint is good for health, since olden days it is used in food cooking, medicines for the health of human beings.
I don't really have a summary. Whatever i post here is what i feel and am passionate about.which is my poetry. If you can, please respect what i write and learn something fromit maybe. I am still learning about myself.
The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us. Francois de La Rochefoucauld
I wonder so many things about how and who we used to be.
This is a poem about the people that we meet everyday who just pass us by with a nod or a smile, as if we have never met before. Hoping to pass us by quickly without having to say a word or become friends. Just passing us by day after day.
When we look into the face of a new born baby we can see the miraculous hand of God at work ...then , who can say ' There is no God ' ? ....
i wrote this poem do to the wonders in my life and about my kids and wife
The wonder and exhilaration in viewing dawn break in the morning!
Adrain gray with his upulsive work he is making stones standing on rocks with gravity work.
Oh, the greatest moment in your life, remembered forever! A moment of rapture and pure bliss!
A prize beyond price, reached for by all, but to be caught by only one!
the issues of life are stories only a poet can vividly tell. this literary work could blow your mind into a new sensational, thought provoking duel against time's injustice.
Of the poetry prompt Tulips Are on Write/Market/Design. About remembering love even in symbols of love.
Writing Prompt from Robert Brewer's blog Magical poem. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
A poem about my garden wishing well, how it brings luck to others but not me.
Love is all things beautiful, wondrous, and exotic.
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