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The use of wax finish on woods to coat their surfaces dated back to centuries. Wax can be bought in semi-solid, liquid and solid bar forms and you have the druthers to select from an array of multiple colors.
Marzeus has come back to the action too. He didn't know if he should just go on home and let the dogs return when they've had their fun or what. But in the end he decided that maybe this is one of those deciding moments of life. Wolverine is still alive and unharmed, so he can still u...
Our childhood is marked with instances, emotional periods, experiences that we never forget. I indulge in a bit of deja vu as I journey back to a time in my life, with eager eyes and a wistful soul I peered into my hopes and dreams.
Photo transfer is a crafting technique that provides an easy and enjoyable way to transfer images onto a wooden surface.
It is a new morning. Max slept later than what he wanted to but he's still gaining his strength. The temperatures are still very cold and he has no plans to go outside until he feels stronger. A few more days should do it. Miss Renee always makes a delicious country breakfast and he ...
This is about some wood that's cut into broads and shows you what you can do with it.
We all have to traverse many areas of life-ing in this current lifetime. So as we wander through it let us learn from what we have done so we can do even greater..more lovingly..enjoy!
If there are relics of man that can rival the age of the Pyramids in Egypt, which is perhaps one answer is "Shigir Idol". In addition to being the oldest, the giant wooden statue also claimed to contain instructions beginnings of human life.
Book shelves are a good investment to keep the books safely away from heat and dust. A look at the various types of such shelves available to choose from.
Yuri Hvtisishvili a Russian carpenter made a realistic life size motor cycle with wood completely. To spend his leisure time in his work shop he made an unusual thing.
The owners of this fabulous French furniture store in Los Angeles and their creative abilities, the furnishings, accessories and lighting and the many superb artifacts that are gleaned from Europe on display in this lovely place..also at the New York City Design Center...enjoy
A personal opinion on the use of aluminum baseball bats vs. wooden baseball bats.
There are incredible and unique treehouse restaurant that was built in New Zealand. This treehouse restaurant created like a cocoon shaped just like in the fairy tales.
There is this hackneyed notion that the 'West' emphasises materiality whereas the 'East' focuses on 'spirit'. Yes, it's a cliche, but it keeps on cropping up. I go to the root of the meaning of 'matter' in the long Western philosophical tradition and find a surprising fact.
A Slovenian woodworker Elvis Halilović is making ONDU Pinhole cameras since 7 years. The Cameras are working with magnet and the speciality is the camera is Lens less
An Aged Andrey Martyniuk a woodcarver from Belarus is making intricate wooden clocks, by using 15 types of wood for his clocks
Can any body checked the ingredients of the food we are consuming daily, some may contains, lead, arsenic, cellulose,bugs etc etc
Can any body checked the ingredients of the food we are consuming daily, some may contains, lead, arsenic, cellulose,bugs etc etc
We keep learning all through life ,we have to remember the lessons we learn as we grow older and need the knowledge. Knowledge is something no one can ever take away from you..
Twigspinner (a Dryad) reveals his experiences as the old gnarled olive tree he tends dies and brings forth a new tender shoot...Elwood (an Elf) takes the time to listen and recall his own experiences with having transformed into a Dryad and tending trees.
It is about the cricket bat,all kinds of bat and its history
The sights and scents of a woodland, forest, or anywhere that has a few standing trees.
It is in the past generation it is the quality that ruled the business. However in the present scenario it is the competition that determines almost everything. Yes, let that be the progress or the protection of a company all that will be proportional to their ability in facing the co...
Feng Shui is an art of arranging the articles in the interior and exterior of an edifice. Apart from necessities, it advises on several art forms which are suitable remedial measures. Common ones being wind chimes, water fountains, dragons, laughing buddhas, crystals, bamboos, bagua m...
Nirmal toys and paintings are famous decades back, when the synthetic toys are pouring on the market and available cheaply than the hand made wooden Nirmal toys, Nirmal toys are vanishing from the market slowly
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