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This article explores the idea of truth seeking, and it concludes that it is far better to just let the truth find you, rather than you going looking for it. Truth finds you where you are, not where you think that you would be, if you had already found truth. Truth lives in you now....
Perhaps one of the most well-known Verses in Our Creator's Wonderful Book of Teaching on Life and Love is the one that says ~ God so loved 'the world' ~ that He gave His only Son ~ so that whoever would BELIEVE IN HIM ~ should not perish ~ but have everlasting life. This is found i...
We often wonder why we attend church all of our lives, but never experience the peace and joy that God promises to believers. Maybe we need to check our mindset. Perhaps we are holding onto old habits and behaviors that are hindering our spiritual growth. Maybe we're not thinking righ...
woman presented not to govern men, but also not to be enslaved by men. The following is a review of the position of women in Islam.
This piece comes from a deep place within as so many of my pieces do. Words, images, sound...all make and create a picture that if painted would contain many many and enjoy...
Mother’s Day is around the corner. The second Sunday of May is observed in most of the countries as the Mother’s Day. Mother is the light of every life.
Sometimes trusting can be very hard. There are times when we don't know what to trust or who to trust. That's when we are reminded to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts.
Whenever I write articles supporting gays and lesbians, I invariably receive comments from fundamentalist "Christians" that I am supporting something the Bible - and God - unequivocally state is an "abomination." I've since discovered there are a lot more things the Bible - and God - ...
How Much Calcium Do You Need? Fear of shadows is very distressing. It causes many health problems. It creates more fear in you. If you switch on the light the fear goes away.
Marriage is an institution divinely ordained by God. It is the coming together of a man and a woman to live together under same roof as husband and wife. The man and the woman will come together in marriage until death parts them. Marriage is the only institution on earth where cert...
Everything said and written by man – including all the articles published in Wikinut – is based on information absorbed through the senses, especially that of hearing. Can we believe what we hear and then expound it as truth?
The Koran is the word of god. It states that the true believers will be rewarded with virgins who will meet them at the gates of Paradise.
Our job as parents is to teach our children to think right, talk right, and live right based on the Word of God.
Everyone on this earth wants to succeed in life. It is to live successfully and happily that God created man. But what makes him sad and brings failures in his life? Here are three keys to read, live and succeed.
Jesus mentions about ‘Rebirth’ and ‘born again’ in the New Testament. The purpose of his incarnation was nothing but giving us a ‘rebirth’. He clears us by his talk with Nicodemus.
We tend to blame circumstances and other people for our predicaments in life when, in fact, we have a free will with which to choose our own direction and destiny.
Although life on Earth carries on regardless, many are convinced that there has to be more to this cradle-to-the-grave existence and are seeking answers that they can rely on.
How could have Jesus explained the complicated spiritual ideas to uneducated audiences that he faced in Palestine? He used many simple examples to reach their hearts and brains. Seed seems to be his favorite one to explain the Kingdom of God and his Gospel message.
The unfailing promise from infallible God assures us that whatever we ask in prayer we are sure to get. Yes, it is a promise. It is a promise from the Great God Almighty. It can never go wrong!
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