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The person you pay the most attention to is yourself. Everything you tell yourself, you believe beyond reasonable doubt. The sad part is, too many people talk negatively to themselves way too often.
A close look at what we do consistently across the board reveals that if one does not understand the purpose of a thing ~ including money ~ he will most likely misuse or abuse it.
It is more than just a good idea to listen closely when someone is speaking ~ and to ~ choose very carefully the words of response Also there are wonderful benefits in finding out what the Creator of the universe says concerning the situation in His wonderful Book of Life and Love. ...
A short poem on spoken and unspoken words of hatred. Spoken words are less harmful than those that are unspoken.
The Day of Hearts commonly known as Valentine's Day is one of the annual events that lovers really look forward to. For sure, this day effects a different emotion to many a person - who is in-love!
When you speak and give your word, you are creating--- literally. You speaking brings life to your values. In large part, others know who you are by the word you speak and the agreements you make. You can learn who you are by observing which commitments., you choose to make and whic...
My words live on till even when to the earth I may not ,no longer belong
There is power in your words, praying that the words I use everyday will heal people around me.
a poet must put together the puzzle of words using nouns, verbs, adjectives, ect. in a way to describe what he or she would like to express. it is not always easy to piece the puzzle together and be satisfied with the picture it paints..
Playing with words in a poem. I have been told my writing is too dark so i have tried something new. "Bring the nouns slowly"... shows how words are 'tools' to describe emotion, to make the reader visualize through how the author pieces them together.. each line is created to paint t...
Because slang has come into common use, especially in speech, sometimes we think it is acceptable to use it within writing, often to demean the writing or opinion of others, but it is here where slang can be at its most dangerous, but who does it hurt most? Often not the person the co...
Why are words so important? This is a critical question that anyone who is interested in self-improvement should be asking themselves. Words are used to express, attack, or defend ideas - use the right words and people do listen; say the right thing and you can change the hearts and m...
What is generally regarded as psychological denial has its roots in the work of Sigmund Freud, the famous Victorian investigator of the human psyche. I is not always a bad thing.
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