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A close look at what we do consistently across the board reveals that if one does not understand the purpose of a thing ~ including money ~ he will most likely misuse or abuse it.
May be God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift!
Words! is a poem that will encourage and teach you how to build and encourage others.
My words live on till even when to the earth I may not ,no longer belong
There is only one substance that keep us anchored and faith is that anchor. When God and hope seems far -- faith kicks in and saves the day.
With All the Animals, Birds, and Creatures that God has Made, He still fills His Mind With Mankind
A compilation of the Morals given at the beginning of each clone wars episode. I've also linked the episodes to their respective pages on the Star Wars Wikia - Wookiepedia, so be sure to check there for more info on the episode. Note* Season 6 is currently in production and i will ke...
Everyday we can touch someones life with a kind word or a gentle touch - It can change their life from one of sadness and despair - and lift them to a place of hope again ...try it .
So often we have tried to write something, express ourselves through words. I have learned to put my thoughts aside and just Be and in the being, the words just flow. Let no others stuff block you.
what words did one say when children and when corrected by one parents understood and never acted or repeated them. my childhood if we said something verbally and our parents corrected us did we realize the meanings of what they tried to say to us.
This article gives the difference between words and actions. We must concentrate in our process to get the progress
Observed the world a little too closely. Made no new discoveries but realized a few things and learnt a few lessons
How strong can I Explain it To you? Can I Speak With Enough Power?
Ever wonder how many words there are? Making the words we have and use everyday count should be something we all think about.
This is the title poem of my upcoming book, my second one, titled, The Room of Mirrors : Reflections in Words. Poetry is a necessity for my sanity... A reason for my satiety... My very entity... Poetry was "The Torrent from My Soul"... Now it is the "Mirror of My Soul"... So let's ...
I wrote this poem almost fifteen years back. I was deeply immersed in spiritual thoughts about the creation and its mysterious ways of life and death. I admire the energy of the soul that is universal and infinite in uniting all that is animate and inanimate. I was in total tranqui...
I don't know how other poets spin their verse but this is what I felt by myself.
My Words . My words fall on deaf ears the world shall be about you alone may hear now do.
sometimes we seek advices from other people , but most of the time we want to keep in a private manner , most especially when we care that much for our love ones , we don't want them to bother our problem!! but despite of that their really showing their true care and love for us!!
For all the boys who reading this I must say if you want to captivate the heart of the girl you truly love try to write a poem, not just poem but a poem that really express your true feelings for her. But be careful not all girls like poem but if you put sweet words may be she would f...
You use prefixes, suffixes, and word roots every day, whether you realize it or not.
It's always best to think before we speak, the tongue is a might weapon, it needs to be guarded
Words to live by from the late, great Oscar Wilde.
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