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creative poetry present the most unique language in unimaginable picturesque thoughts of treasured scenery. Poetry create the art which form part of the human language in literature, poetry can be words that really express your feelings.
When you speak and give your word, you are creating--- literally. You speaking brings life to your values. In large part, others know who you are by the word you speak and the agreements you make. You can learn who you are by observing which commitments., you choose to make and whic...
My words live on till even when to the earth I may not ,no longer belong
a poet must put together the puzzle of words using nouns, verbs, adjectives, ect. in a way to describe what he or she would like to express. it is not always easy to piece the puzzle together and be satisfied with the picture it paints..
Poem of feelings that express the goodness of God and the way he brings me out a life of struggle.
Some will say that they love you, until you do something wrong and acceptable in their sight and they change their words of love. However, there is a Gd who loves without limits
In the world of doubt and confusion, we have to know where to run and who to turn to in times of need.
Poetry is an extraordinary form of expression that allows people to speak from the heart and soul.
Just to stop what you are doing, sit down and write words that come to mind.
Sometimes poetry can help you explain the words you long to speak. This poem is letting off some steam of my own
This is open to interpretation. Sometimes you know what needs to be said and other times its more complicated.
The right words We have words to cry words to make suffer we have words to laugh words to tickle words to say words Let us go to find together the words to speak
How strong can I Explain it To you? Can I Speak With Enough Power?
love letters are good thoughts shared by boys and girls or anybody,they often keep couples happy or sad in these letters,these letters are related to their relationship what they keep in school,college's and letters can be written by anybody a good feeling in life help yo...
I wrote this poem almost fifteen years back. I was deeply immersed in spiritual thoughts about the creation and its mysterious ways of life and death. I admire the energy of the soul that is universal and infinite in uniting all that is animate and inanimate. I was in total tranqui...
For all the boys who reading this I must say if you want to captivate the heart of the girl you truly love try to write a poem, not just poem but a poem that really express your true feelings for her. But be careful not all girls like poem but if you put sweet words may be she would f...
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