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The person who knows it all is finished, the person that can always learn more is just beginning. This aphorism begins this article. A mind, to be renewed must first be opened to its possibilities genuinely. The mind that cannot learn anymore or is stuck in a rut type habit, is finish...
Li Ka-shing GBM, KBE, JP (born 29 July 1928 in Chaozhou, China) is a Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, these Work ethic make him the richest person in Asia
in professional life,it is inevitable to avoid mistakes ,so here are some few techniques which will help us to know how to behave at the work place and how to deal with difficult situations which will arise in the work environment
What is lazy? What is good about being lazy? How a lazy person benefits society.
We all want to get paid well or make enough if we are self-employed for the work we do. This series of sections is a primer and an exposition of reality on how to do just that.
Affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to work at home. Whether you are employed, seeking employment, students, housewife, retraités.Le Affiliate marketing is ideal for working from home.
Information on the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
Defining the effective way of communication in an organization and how to develop an effective communication skills.
Staying at home and working online is a new lifestyle that is chosen by many people around the world. People may work online to earn extra money, or to earn for living. If you love to stay at home and work online, there are many ways for you to choose. Some of them are becoming a free...
Sometimes we make promises that need to and must be kept simply because, as a dear, sweet old man once said, "Always keep your promises, I won't forget!" Manuel Medeiros Cabral was born to very modest circumstances and a life of hard work that would shape his almost ninety one years. ...
Thanks to the revolution of informational technology, now I can work and earn money at home or in my trip easily.
A reflective piece on why young people are finding it hard to motivate themselves to go out and work, and the pitfalls that they have to avoid in todays society.
Can we bring the people in our lives up to the standards we've set for ourselves? Is it fair to expect them to change because we have? This is a glimpse into some of the problems we face when we mature and grow while those we know and love seem content to stay stuck right where they a...
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