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A poem of a working mother who would much rather be home in a more domestic role.
When one door closes, a window (or another door) will open. But while you are waiting for that perfect window or door of opportunity, you may be overlooking some unexpected wonder. I wonder if I am.
As a wife and a mother i am expected to organize our family expenses. I know for a fact that a minimum wage can hardly support a couple, what more if you have two kids?
Nannies are great to have around busy moms (and dads). If you're a parent like me you might have at one point or another considered getting a nanny for your child. Let me share some of the different types of nannies that I've hired, kept, and fired.
Why do people appraise your doings by the norms of the society? In my country, I am one of the few women that is working for the family. I feel and do as if my family is my responsibility. That is fine. I can, I believe. But what I didn’t understand are the people that think it’s ...
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