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I think the benefit of a free gym membership would be more valuable than free healthcare but you need healthcare of course but prevention of illness is priceless. Don't you think? And giving them a free gym membership is cheap but could cut down cost by seventy percent.
Working out and getting stronger is something many of us want to do, and after years of doing this, doing it the natural way, is the way I think is best. This page gives you my experience with training, and how I came to thinking that press ups are the best exercise routine you can do...
After several failed attempts at this thing called "exercise," I may have found something I'll stick with.
People laugh when I tell them I am a member of Jazzercize and that I love it. Here are 10 misconceptions about my workout program -- and I'll debunk 9.5 of them.
The summer is here, and you need to make sure you're beach ready. But what to do when you really need those instant abs for that instant sex appeal? Read on, and I'll make sure you get that 6-pack immediately!
This page takes a look at getting fitter and healthy, it gives tips on breaking bad routines and changing one's life for the better, starting training routines and a healthy diet will benefit you and your life in many ways.
I've been thinking about all the things I’ve done in the past, studied, and have worked for me in living a healthier lifestyle. Are you ready to make some small changes this year to be healthier and fitter this year? It’s amazing how sometimes just making small changes can make a ...
Do you make up every excuse in the book not to work out? I'm too tired...There's no time... If so, read this. This was the beginning of my journey 4 months's all smooth sailing from there...well, pretty smooth.
Are you considering riding your bicycle again or buying a new one? Read this article and it may help you make the decision.
Where do you prefer to workout... Inside or Outside? I believe to stay healthy you should choose one or the other OR both! Here are some advantages to working out indoors and outdoors.
Do you have a problem getting a comfortable pair of sneakers? Me too!! Read on to see what I had to do to finally find the right pair.
How to lose fat & sculpture your body. Bodybuilding, losing fat & training for strength.
Ways to enjoy using your treadmill more and make it less boring. The music you should listen to, clothes to wear and items to help you feel more comfortable.
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