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This article will be a great motivation for human resource mangers who are indeed an asset to the firm. Not only will it provide them with few tips but will also identify their role and importance in an organization!
Workplace tension also known as job stress is a problem which was caused due to problems in the workplace which affects the individual in terms of his performance in his job and also his private life. So it is essential to recover from workplace burnout.
Many people face challenges at workplace. No matter how good they are at what they do and how much experienced they are, challenges crash all down some day or the other. I find out some tips here that have been helping me to stay on my target facing all bumps on the way boldly
The work place is one of the places where our resilience is put to the test every day. How you manage stress in the office depends on your resilience- Covey.
Perhaps the most pervasive and difficult problem to solve in life balancing is that of stress. Whether you are at work or at home, there is likely some stress in your life, and that stress can interfere with your enjoyment of your career and your social life.
Workplace pressure is natural phenomenon and you cannot avoid it. In this article you will find the ways to cope with this pressure
Creating healthy workplace environment and its impact on organizational productivity is immense in financial term, though it is not tangible and you cannot see it directly.
Work is worship. But how can you perform well if you are squeezed by your workplace stress? Kill your workplace stress by keeping some green potted plants in your office.
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