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Vivo Smartphone aggressively strengthens its image in the global marketplace. It can be seen from so active in promoting Vivo. Most recently, they managed to hook the International Football Federation (FIFA) to become the official sponsor of the World Cup.
Football, the beautiful game, has had many great matches. The classic matches are usually great cup finals of some description or another, but also games in the later stages of the knockout phases. They are usually matches for the biggest prizes.
The 1990s had some very good soccer players. Generally the best players were more forward players, but then there were a few very good defensive players as well.
A glimpse to a global sports superstar - Jonah Lomu and the farewell salute to fit to his final journey on after life. The emotional public rite was so emotional that one could only be awed in fascination by both the surrealism, fervor and sports heroism both into by the man and the ...
The 1970s was a decade of mixed fortunes for English soccer. Certainly, at club level English soccer clubs had perhaps their best era in European soccer cups such as the European Cup. However, at national level it was quite a different story as the England football team went from worl...
The England soccer team is one that has played in most of the World Cups. Overall, England teams date back to the 19th century, with a number of games played in the period. Largely, England teams played against the home nations, and so the serious soccer began in the 20th century.
The history of soccer has had a few historic matches. Such soccer games that have carried historical significance. Here are a few of the historic soccer games played.
The game of soccer is a sport loved by many. A sport that England first established has since become the most widely played team sport. At both club and national level, the sport has provided a great spectacle for fans and spectators.
England Vs Argentina is a soccer fixture that has plenty of history. Like Germany, Argentina are a team that England have met a number of times in the FIFA World Cup. Equally, there have been some classic games between the two teams.
In the game of soccer, there are a variety of rules which play a big part in the game. Essentially, these are covered by Fifa and a variety of soccer manuals.
In the modern game, soccer formations are a part of team tactics. The shape of the team, and how the players are organized, can be important to the outcome of the game. Today, a few soccer formations have emerged which are widely used by coaches and teams.
The first Fifa World Cup was hosted in 1930 in the South American country of Uruguay. It was here that Jules Rimmet's proposals for World Cup soccer became established. However, the first Fifa World Cup was not entirely like the World Cups of today.
The soccer formation of 4-4-2 is one of the game's most popular formations. For it is used by a number of teams, and has proved a good formation.
Who is Pele? Edison Arantes do Nascimento, a Brazilian soccer forward that is considered by many to be one of the great soccer players. Otherwise called Pele, he became a star for the Brazilian soccer team and his form in the World Cups is unmatched by most players.
Many of soccer's great goalkeepers played during the 20th century. Great goalkeepers starred in the Fifa World Cup from 1930 onwards. These are a few of the great goalkeepers of the 20th century.
England's 1966 team was their best side. Few would doubt this statement, as England's 1966 soccer heroes won England's only soccer World Cup. As such, the team had plenty of heroes. Here are a few of England's 1966 soccer heroes.
The game of soccer has a number of interesting facts. There are so many facts about the game that it would take a lifetime to cover them all. A lot will likely be well known, but a number are more secret.
This article covers countries that have hosted multiple FIFA World Cups.
While there have been a number of FIFA World Cups, not all World Cup winning teams were that great. Most recently, Italy maybe is not the best World Cup winning team since 1930. Then, however, there has been some great football teams, which have lifted the World Cup.
The FIFA World Cup is the top soccer championship. It involves great teams and players, such as Brazil, Italy, Argentina etc. Overall, there have been a number of great records set in the World Cup by players and teams.
The FIFA Golden Ball award has been given to the best players of the FIFA World Cup. Officially, this has been the case since 1982. Although other players have been nominated as the best of their World Cups. As such, several players have since received the prestigious Golden Ball for ...
The Brazilians are very passionate about the sport of soccer. For Brazil, the sport of soccer is most probably their national sport, and one that the Brazil soccer team have long been established as one of the best in the world. As such, in Brazil soccer is a part of Brazil's culture.
A brief overview of the FIFA World Cup, it's history and structure.
The 1986 World Cup in Mexico had a few contenders. The usual West Germany, Italy and Brazil were among the favorites along with Argentina, with the gifted Maradona. The winners had the player who provided the key to unlock the tournament.
The FIFA World Cup is the best soccer championship with up to 32 of the best teams. Overall, the World Cup has a few notable traditions that have been continued in the tournament.
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