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Danish National Maritime Museum is one of the eight greatest new museums.
There's a beautiful natural thermal pool in Turkey called Pamukkale. Originally from historical ruins, now this wonderful pool has become one of the world heritage sites.
Music is a universal language and is said to be the language of the soul, In order to enjoy it, it must come from something. Music from a piano or from an ordinary organ is nice music, but what's nicer and rare is music from an unusual instrument called "The Bamboo Organ of Las Piñ...
A visit to the Amazing caves in Ha Long bay, Vietnam
Highlights of the Summer Palace is Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake, Suzhou Street, East Palace Gate. Nearby the Summer Palace you can also visit Ruins of Yuanmingyuan Park, Fragrance Hill and Beijing Zoo.
The new discovery at Stonehenge offers more confusion for Archaeologists and Visitors alike.
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